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Help!!! My "friend" wants to sue me for 150 dollars?

I had a very good friend whom I have known for about 12 years. about 2 months ago I got a ticket and he lent me 150 dollars so I could pay it, and we said I would give it back to him as soon as I could, after he came back to the country ( He was moving here to USA) I live in Florida. Last week he moved with a student visa. ( I am a US citizen) I helped him out a lot to find his apartment, and his car, but about 4 days ago we had a big argument over something stupid, and he text ede telling me in a really nasty way that I had until this saturday to pay me back, or else (like a threat) He also said that we were going to play by his rules, that he wanted the whole thing ( even after I had told him I was in a bad financial position the day before) and he wanted it deposited on his account, before saturday, and that I better not make him mad. Ever since he started with that, I said that I would, but that I needed a changer and an adaptor that was in his car ( He left a place without me knowing and took the adaptor) I said multiple times, and about 3 days later, and told him that I wanted to have my adaptor by the end of the day or I would have to buy another one, and I would subtract it from what I owed him because I needed to charge my phone. He never replied to anything that had to do with the adaptor, so I went and bought both the charger and the adaptor. ( total was about 73 dollars, which I have a receipt for) Also, I said I would give him the money in cash,(the $75 left along with the receipt for the 2 purchases) and he said he is not going to take it because he wants a deposit. Then he said to a friend that if I don't pay him by saturday he is going to sue me?!?! What should I do? This whole situation is ridiculous. Can he sue me for that? How can he say I didn't pay him when I tried and he doesn't take it?? I am also afraid he might hurt me or do something to me like scratch my car .. Help Please..

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    First of all, unless he's stressed out & going through alot & not thinking cleary...he's not being a very good friend or very considerate, especially with how you've helped him especially lately.

    Second of all, even a judge or the court may laugh at him for suing for only $150, because the court cost alone will probably be more than that,lol.

    If he does it, he's crazy...but it sounds like he's just blowing smoke.

    I really wouldn't worry about it. You have receipts, so that is a big point on your side. You explained your financial situation, which is also a big point on your side. If you have proof of how much you've helped him lately, thats also a big point on your side.

    I wouldn't worry about it either way. Thats not a big thing that can really be sued over, and if he does, you have receipts, I wouldn't worry about it & it would probably end up costing him more than what he is owed.

    Also, I feel your friend will calm down & get his head on straight again, if not...maybe that isn't the kind of friend you want anyway. I think it will work out & blow over, we all have crazy moments, especially with those we are most close to. It'll be ok. :)

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    yeah this situation is pretty dumb. as stubborn as he is he knows what he is doing, he may be exaggerating about suing you, if its only 150 bux he will just be going through more trouble suing you and paying the court fees than actually waiting for his money. if there is anyway you can get a loan from a payday advance or a family/friend just be the bigger person and pay him back the 150 , if u do not have a checking account have afriend deposit it for you./ you can also pay him 1/2 of the 150 and let him know that you will give him the other 1/2 untill you get your stuff back.

    good luck.

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    Honestly I would pay him and never talk to him again. I know you are in a tight spot financially but he sounds like a lunatic, even though I doubt he will take you court. Sometimes you have to cut your losses, as far as your adapter and a friend.

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    Y'all need to grow up and either help each other or make a pay scale and quit being friends You better get receipts when yo pay him too!!

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