Have you ever been to Greece? How was your experience there?

I want to know about modern Greece in a persons point of view.

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    Ignore the first three answers (sorry caution,Ididnt ment Keyser but the after 3) since they are all users from Fyrom-The wannabe Macedonians and they hate Greece with all their heart.

    Of course they have never been in to Greece,and you can realise their level from their answers.

    What I can tell you about Greece is that the 20million tourists per year can't be wrong.

    Greece is the safest country in Europe and among the safest in the world.

    It has beutiful landscapes,islands,nightlife cuisine,tons of historical places,lovely people and -especially in touristic areas- almost everyone speaks English.

    Is a little bit expensive,especially for Americans (Dollar/Euro rate) but its a not-miss experience.

    I come from an island (Zante) were ,when people come for first time,they come back again and againa and again.

    Some tourists even buy a house there for permanent vacation.

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    4 years ago

    i replace into in Greece from could to September and lemme help you already know, that's rather a place once you're a solar-lover (which i'm). You awaken close to to midday, consume at cafe and visit the coastline. you're consistently in mild mushy clothing because of the climate. sure, that's warm, yet this could be a piece of the mystique. warm climate, pleasing shape, superb seashores, and outdoor cafes. all of it works at the same time to make extremely an adventure. sure, July and August could be fairly busy, yet its that way for a reason. that's an first rate time to be there. Its summer season. Its in comparison to everybody is in fits going to the subsequent enterprise assembly.the full Mediterranean is in super spirits because of the fact its the summer season. maximum Europeans take a month a three hundred and sixty 5 days off for holiday and that all of them visit Greece. (kidding) for the duration of the summer season locals go right into summer season mode and that's contemplated of their concepts-set. everybody is soo superb and happy. So on a similar time as Greece is busy and warm for the period of July and August, that's that way for a reason. don't be freaked approximately going interior the top season. I went there had an first rate time. Cheers,

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    I really don't understand why so many thumbs down for the first 4 answers?

    The question is about "personal point of view", so that means that not everyone have good experience in Greece. Also, the points of you of different people can be very different. So if someone doesn't like Greece, doesn't meant that others won't like it. That is just a personal thing. Everybody have a right on his own opinion and a right to tell it!

    I have been to Greece many, many times till now. I was going there since I was a little child (while ex Yugoslavia still existed). So here is my personal opinion about this country:

    I really like the beaches and the sea! I like the antic monuments too.

    But, certainly, I hate Greeks attitude when they see that I'm Macedonian. Even in the restaurants (expensive ones) most of the waiters change their attitude toward me at the same moment when they will heard me speaking Macedonian language. I really expect from them to be treated with respect as every tourist deserves. After all, I'm spending there my money, just like tourists from other countries (probably much more then many of them, since in Greece I'm going even for weekend shopping with my whole family-because Salonika is closer to my town then Skopje). Generally, Greeks are OK until they find our my nationality. That is really levity, and that things are never happening in Macedonia or any other country. Shame on you!

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    Don't listen to these silly people who are just trying to get you to not go to Greece, If you get to go I wish I was you I'm stuck here in the states and all my family is in Greece... I miss Greece... most amazing place I've ever been.

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    We've been going to Greece for over 20 yrs. Obviously we love it. Greece is a very large country so there is something for everyone - the islands are different from the mainland, most of the mainland is different from Athens.

    Go to Greece in the summer for good weather, fantastic scenery, loads of history, just to chill out or to have a good time.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes vasiliki the first answer came from A TURK.Yes darling they hate us (the majority with exceptions) AND GUESS WHAT?-i am sure your grandparents voted for dictators and was against polytechnio i always wanted to say this to you honey.The new age Greece it is an AMAZING PLACE.Native Greek here!!!!The Greece my friend is a paradise of parties and sun on Summer from June to August.Greece has everything you want from the ancient great Greek culture to high class bars of the summer.This year we had 20.000.000 tourists do you think is this from luck?NO.Tourists especially the English prefer most the Greece than Italy and Turkey.Because in Italy the people are arrogant and ignorant and they have lots of mafia.In Turkey the people are very ignorant and arrogant too and VERY rude and the majority of them are uneducated and racist.But the Greeks learn from 6 years old 2 languages (most English and German) and even younger to be polite and all the rules of hospitality,since we are the country who born hospitality and many other things.So welcome to Greece.

    Source(s): Remember that Turkey is a dangerous country full of Kurds who put bombs everywhere and is VERY dangerous and Italy has A LOT of mafia.So welcome to Greece.
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    I came to Greece for the first time 24 years ago. I found the people very friendly and always smiling. I went home for 5 weeks, came back again and never left. Haven't regretted it for a moment.

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    1 decade ago

    I go very often,like once a year,nothing compares to Greece and the Greek Islands.

    In the winter I travel to the Caribbean,have been to Cuba and many more Islands.

    Greece combines every thing.

    History,Culture,Amazing weather,Delicious food,Civilized people,and the shopping very trendy.

    Bad thinks happen every day all around us and not only to Greece,so have an open mind and your vacation will be unforgettable.

    Treat people with respect and they will treat you the same way.

    Source(s): http://greek-taste.com/ " Take the Taste of Greece with you" cook book a great gift Idea.
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    1 decade ago

    We were in Greece in June '08 and loved it. we spent several days in Athens and took a couple of day trips ( Delphi, Souinon). We then took a short cruise to some of the Greek Isles. Nowhere were we treated badly, Greeks are like everybody else, treat them like you want to be treated and you won't have any problems. We're already planning on returning next spring.

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    I'm a greek from athens living in the uk the last 3 years! greece is good for holidays but a bit expensive! athens have a great nightlife and it NEVER sleeps!

    depends on what you want to see there...greece is good and bad! E mail me if you want to ask something more specific

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