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i feel rubbish i need help from someone!?

I just changed school there was a girl in my old school i fell in love with her first day i met her and so did she . she admited she liked me for the first week but then i didn't know if she liked me anymore . in the last week of school we went on a trip and i fell in love with her even more i think if she like me she fell in love with me even more and if not she fell in love again. we were supposed to go to the same new school but she suddenly moved to england now i feel heart broken .but that was like a few months ago now and i think i like some else i dont yet tho wat do i do!


i feel anoyed because i had just moved from england and then she goes we were realy shy in school

Update 2:

i just wish we could contact each uther she understood me realy well

Update 3:

i guess your right marina i'll concerntrate on the girl now thanks!

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  • Marina
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    She's in England so a relationship between you is impossible. She may have met someone else there as well. This is totally normal, don't feel bad, just keep living your life and she will, too.

  • greg t
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    1 decade ago

    Just stay with what you have rather than what you don't have. Move on, as she has as well. Sorry that it wasn't meant to be, but you can't hold onto something that is not there.

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    what do you know about love ? My dear focus your mind about the future and forget the fantasy

    Source(s): At your age think of future
  • .
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    Hope England will return your heart back............sorry for u.

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