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Does she like me? What's up?

I met this girl in class and we've become pretty good friends, but how can I tell if she's interested? She found me on facebook when she didn't know my last name, she remembered to ask if my birthday was last week and why I didn't tell her, and she'll call me Stevie or Stephen when she knows I go by Steve. Sometimes she's really excited to see me and other times she's just blah. What's up?

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    Girls tend to give off the "I'm interested in you" vibe, but most of the time, they're just being friendly.

    I have a best friend who won't stop flirting with a countless number of guys, and most of them keep wondering if she likes them, but she's just super flirty or friendly.

    I would wait for more signs like if she gets you something for your birthday or if she starts wanting to hang out with you a lot more...

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    me and a mate have this ladder theory

    chicks have 2 and guys have one

    if your really high on a guys ladder they will get with you

    but the chick has 2 one for friends and the other for guys shes interested in if you are on the friends ladder its almost impossible to get to the other ladder


    so moral of this story is if you make it onto the friends ladder your stuffed

  • well i think she does like you because the way she acts around you and she does remember to ask about your birthday and if she remembers that of course she likes you

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    If she's searching for you on facebook..yea maybe she's interested. You should flirt with her and see

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    Keep on talking with her and observe her actions

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    She likes you It's kind of obvious she does.

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