What is a very good way to earn money on WoW?

Now that WOTLK is out i feel under powered ( im a level 72 rogue ). I can barelly handle more then 2 enemies at a time now... anyways just wondering what is a very good way for earning money now that Wrath of the lich king is out, i tryd questing but only got a few hundred gold a day, then last night i spent 1-2 hours on grinding these creatures in northrend for Crystallized fire and water and eternal fire and water which sells for like 60g each :D umm yea and i also got 2-3 bars of EXP so i think grinding is an appropriate way for leveling and money making? ooh btw! another quick question! Every now and again I get a lagspike where my FPS is like 1-3... usually its anywhere between 9-17 where as others are at 70... anyone got any good ideas to improved my FPS rating? I tryd lowering some of the graphics which seemed to work cuz my fps rose a tiny bit and i still had lag spikes but not as bad.... what do u guys think? and please dont say " Aww just decrease all the graphics to low and see wat happens." because i tryd it and i still had lag spikes even though its not as bad.. a lag spike is a lag spike..


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    best thing to do is keep questing until you hit 80, once u hit 80 you can start doing dailies again and the gold will pile up fast. i would also recomend getting proffesion up so you cna sell the things you get from your professions. currently while not 80 questing and selling items you get while questing is the best way to get gold. i have made over 3k gold lvling from 70-75.

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    I used to lag bad. I added more memory to my computer and now it's perfect!

    I do skinning and auction all of the leather off. I used to do leather-working, but because I started that profession late, it was too expensive to try and master since I was having to buy leather or stop leveling and go skin lower level beasts. I'm still in OL trying to get a normal mount (instead of the chicken with fleas!).

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    professions, mining/skinning/herbalism they are all going over priced in the AH now, and the lag might be your server, but it also could be your computer due to the wotlk taking up alot of space could cause some lag

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    the main suitable ability to study that gets you rapid $ at early tiers is skinning. pass on your community skinner (ask any shelter in maximum cities)...practice...then pass kill. i could say over 70% of the NPCs you kill would be skinnable. Staks fo leather-based pass rather solid in the AH....herbalism isn't too undesirable the two yet you will no longer initiate making any $ till you get your ability up above 200...Hopethis helps

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    Stop playing and keep the subscription fee in your bank

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