What classical album would you recommend to a beginner?

I want to listen to classical music, and I want an album that has no more than 25 songs, and that most of the songs are fast (cause I hate that slow sh*t), I know some parts have to be slow but overall I want it to be fast cause it keeps me awake and it sounds alive, that's what I am looking for, what do you recommend? I am tired of just listening to hip hop.

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    1 decade ago
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    LOL I think you first need to keep a more open mind,but here are my recommendations:

    I think Tchaikovsky's a good introduction,because he is easier to 'get',and his pieces are quite well-known.For example


    For some darker stuff,try Penderecki


    Same with Tchaikovsky,you could try some Vivaldi's well known pieces


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    Songs imply lyrics something which the majority of classical music does not have,unless you want opera,lieder and the like.

    A classical composition may be made up of several or many smaller parts just like a modern day album but these are usually referred to as movements.

    A single movement can last from a few minutes to half an hour depending on the work in question.

    It is possible to get compilation albums with maybe 20 excerpts on it taken from classical music to evoke a certain mood for instance if you wanted all powerful or all relaxing pieces.

    However it's much better to concentrate on discovering one complete work at a time.

    I despise compilation cds of any genre,

    quality is always sacrificed in place of quantity.

    I see you wanted something that sounds alive.

    Therefore I would strongly suggest -

    'The Rite Of Spring' by Igor Stravinsky

    the ending sounds like the whole earth quaking,

    real powerful stuff.

    Here is a great recording by the composer himself and the other work on the CD 'The Firebird Suite' is equally amazing.

    <this one is a SACD though, so check compatibility>


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    1 decade ago

    Richard Wagner

    Carl Orff

    Ludwig Van Beethoven.

    Also, I can give you suggestions on "jam bands"

    King Crimson

    Emerson Lake and Palmer

    mahavishnu orchestra

    Tony McAlpine

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    Dvorak- Symphony No. 9- Symphony for the New World.

    I think it's four or five movements. Very easy to listen too.

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