If a friend in another state can't get pregnant, would you let your spouse donate to help her conceive?

I am talking "seed donation" through a fertility clinic, not via loan a spouse.


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    1 decade ago
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    Nice of you but no...I wouldn't do it. Legally your husband would be the father. What would you do if your friend wanted/needed child support? Your husband would be LEGALLY REQUIRED to pay it as he would be the father. Your friend might not want it now but what about 5 or 10 years from now? Your husband would have to pay back support as well.

    If your friend ever filed for government assistance, the government would come after your husband for the payment. If your husband refused to pay, his wages would be garnished. Not fun.

    Also, even if the donation were not made via "loan a spouse", would you feel comfortable with your husband having a child with another woman? What would you do if your husband wanted to be involved with that child?

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    I wouldn't. Call me mean or selfish, but my spouse and I share something special that I don't want to share with another person. I know my husband and I know that he would never be able to stay outside of that child's life. He would always wonder how that child is faring, etc. Besides, there are "banks" that would help with that. What kind of friend would even ask that? There are too many alternatives to even consider that.

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    No, when the child grows up, you and you spouse will know that the child is his. Do you tell then child? How do you explain that he donated his sperm to his wife's friend. In this situation a anonymous doner would be the way to go.

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    Personally, no!

    I would feel weird knowing that my partner has another biological child out there.

    I am currently 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant with his first child and he is so excited..

    If he donated a seed, he would still class the baby as his and would want to have something to do with it.

    It would leave me resenting my friend.

    So No!

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  • Ren
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    1 decade ago

    No- there is no reason for it. She can pick another donor! I wouldn't like going to visit or look at pictures of a friend's kid that was 1/2 my husbands. Those kids would technically be half sibs to my kids. No way.

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    That would be my spouse's decision, not mine. I can't stand it when married people insinute that they have the right or ability to make their spouse's decision for them. If my husband REALLY wanted to do it and I didn't think that there were any ulterior motives on either part, then I'd be 100% supportive. Otherwise, I might feel worried but would remember that my spouse is his own person and a relationship is only as permanent as it is mutual.

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    NOPE.....my sis in law had the nerve to ask my husband to donate his sperm to one of her gay friends

  • 1 decade ago

    No. It would be a great thing to do, but I would not like it personally.

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    1 decade ago

    No. I'm selfish. I didn't want a little girl because I didn't want to have to share my husband with another girl.

    There is no way I would ever let my husband do that. Even if it was my BFF, sorry. I will be the only mother to my husband's children. Period! -l0l-

    People who would, that's quite generous--- -l0l- I couldn't do it. -l0l-

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    No... way to many complications. Tell her to pick out somebody in a sperm clinic. Geez....

    Source(s): Two year old son, one year old daughter, and one on the way! :)
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