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If you came home early and found some silky lingerie that wasn't yours under the bed & he said they were his?

and he just liked to wear them from time to time.

Would you believe him?

What would you do or say ?

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  • B V
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    I would ask him to try them on. If they fit, they might be his.

    I would also have a camera ready incase they didn't fit. Lol wouldn't that be sweet to have a picture of a cheating husband wearing ladies lingerie.

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    I have seen some men on the Jerry Springer show admit that they like to wear women's lingerie and if he is being honest with you then maybe you and him should talk about it but be supportive.If he is lying which I think he is I would pack up all his stuff and throw him out of the house and tell him to go stay with the dirty home wrecking skank he was sleeping with.

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    Does this lingerie smell like perfume or cologne? Does it even fit him? These are a few things that you should find out first. I would be very interested in the answers to the above two questions before I was inclined to believe him or call him a lier.

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    First, ask him to try it on for you. If it fits him, fine. At this point you might want to ask why he never shared this little secret with you. As we don't know what the two of you are "into", its tough to tell you what to do about it, but...

    If it piques your interest, encourage him to wear it in the bedroom with you...might be fun! If it doesn't work for you, you're going to have to tell him. And perhaps suggest if wearing lingerie is something he can't go without, then he'll have to do it when you're not around.

    This is tough; I guess the first hurdle to clear is the "try it on" test. Let's hope the stuff fits him.

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    I agree with an earlier poster. Have him try them on and see if they fit. If so you may have married a closet cross dresser. Seriously which would be more embarassing to him? Finding out he's cheating or that he likes to wear women's lingerie? He wouldn't be the first husband that admitted to it. Don't believe me just google it or submit your very own question here and see.

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    A lot of guys do wear lingerie as a turn on (not my cup of tea, though). The answer is simple, the lingerie will fit him if it is his.

  • thomas
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    Something about a man in lingerie just makes me hurl. Tell him to try them on. there's now way they're his. What a dumb a** to bring another woman's lingerie home and put them under the bed.... priceless!!

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    I would not believe the man and I would then know that he was cheating. It is not something that is a normal thing to do when a man wears women's lingerie. I would tell him that he needs to pack his clothes and leave.

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    Depends...are they his size? Ask him to model them for you.

    If they're too tiny for him, he's hiding something.

    If they're his size, he may enjoy wearing lingerie and you two will need to discuss this fetish of his. Some women enjoy wearing guys stuff...

  • help him pack his lingerie with the rest of his stuff.


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