How to find out the sales of a car in the past 30 days? ?

I am trying to sale my car, I have a 2007 Toyota Yaris with 23,000 miles on it. This place called Car Max will buy your car with out you buying one of there cars, but they base it off of sales with in the past 30 days for that make and model. Is there a way to figure that out?


I have already took my car into Carmax once. They told me they dont go off of how much it states on KBB, they go off the year, model, make, milage, and the sales of that car in your area code within 30 days. Trade in value on KBB on my car is about $10,000 they offered me $9980. I owe $10800... any other ideas of how to get rid of my car then?

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    The sales of who selling it in the past 30 days?

    They won't give you anything close to what they sell it for, so that doesn't really make sense.

    They will typically offer you trade-in value of the barebones model in 'good' condition of your car if it is in excellent condition and will not negotiate the price at all.

    If you want a ballpark, look up the trade-in value of and subtract about $1,000.

    Most people don't know this, but any car dealer will buy your car without you purchasing one of theirs as long as they would be able to sell it for a profit.

    EDIT - The only other way besides trading it in and paying the difference in cash would be to attempt to sell it private party. It is really a tough time to sell a car because of the economy.

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    Why go to carmax?

    Just sell it yourself. If trade in is 10,000.00, private party should be damn near 12,000.00. Sell it. Why are you trying car max????? Don't give that car away. We cannot keep yaris's in stock!

    If you live near Northern Indiana, email me. My dealership may be interested.

    Email me either way if I can help.

    From your friendly Toyota Salesperson :)


    However it is only for dealers. I will look it up for you.

    Averages prices are:

    $11,174 with 15,580 miles

    $8,801 with 31,160

    11/20/08 GTR PHNX Lease Return $7,000 22,154 Miles Avg Condition GRAY 4G A Yes

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