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A job where the physical requirements are tougher than Coast Guard HelicoperRescue or Navy or Air Force (SAR)?

I don't think Navy Seals or Green Berets have this physical requirements..So don't answer that unless you know something that I don't.

Physical Requirements:

Pushups - 100+ in 2:00

Situps - 100+ in 2:00

Pullups - 15-20+

12:00 Swim - swim 500-750yd

1.5 mile run - sub 9:00

25 yd underwater swim - complete

200 yd Buddy tow - complete

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    try the sas

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    . .. ... ....which activity wherein might you recomend? a million)US Coast shield 2)US Air tension 3) US Marine Corps 4) US army 5)US military ...why....? a million) This has the optimal standards. 2) very almost as no longer ordinary to enlist by way of fact the USCG. 3) They p.c.. the suitable and wean the weaks one out. 4) very almost as no longer ordinary the Marine Corps. 5) no longer ordinary by way of fact the others yet considering that they could desire to have the biggest they have had to drop their standards to fill empty. slots. you apart from mght wrote"...,killing human beings merely would not' look to decrease it interior the civilian international,..." killing is a factor of being interior the U. S. militia and interior the Corps each and every Leatherneck is infantry in the previous they do their activity and for this reason they emphasize marksmanship to be a Marine. additionally you wrote"...,what activity, and why?,..." shape,scientific,criminal to comprise militia police,and technologies. those would be skills which you will optimize interior the civilian international. There are not any jobs for persons who experience tanks or hearth canons or missiles interior the civilian international. Infantry additionally has it barriers purely to peace officers,yet as an MP you get the suitable of the two worlds. in case you propose of turning right into a supervisor enlist,get a 4 twelve months degree and return to the militia as a commissioned officer for journey in administration. All have the forged and undesirable including workplace politics,favoritism,and gossip.

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    Crab fishing. That job'll kill you.

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