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If man made a machine possessing "Artificial Intelligence", would it have feelings?


Would it have developed "feelings" in itself?

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    "Feelings" evolved just like any other biological attribute. If feelings would benefit the evolution of the AI (aid in survival and reproduction), then they could develop. If feelings do not contribute to its evolution, and AI creators did not create them for the AI in the first place, their permanent appearance is far less likely.

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    Yeah, i would think so, eventually if not automatically, in some level the AI being would have feelings. They might not realize it, depending on the degree of intelligence that the machine would possess, but i'd find it hard to believe that they would not have any emotion. By the very definition of 'feelings', emotional or moral sensitivity, it seems that any being with intelligence would have some capacity of moral sensitivity whether innately good or bad.

    i could see, if this AI being were to interact with humans, that it would realize something that leads him to believe that he is truly different from those around him, and then maybe that would lead to some feeling in and of itself. in which case, these feelings would be created or learned through experiences; and the robot would be able to achieve such a thing because of having intelligence.

    and what I said earlier about level of intelligence ties in to what an earlier poster said about consciousness, outward signs of intelligence don't necessarily point to conscious intelligence, where the being could think for itself and come to realizations, etc. that has a lot to do with AI's ability to develop feeling.

    but i don't know still, there are so many things to think about and to take into consideration. i would think it is possible, but we'd have to discuss this for quite some time.

    cool question!

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    There is a test called the "Turing Test" that is supposed to help one decide if a machine has intelligence or not. If you can't see the machine, and you ask questions of it and of a person at the same time and cannot tell the difference, then it is said the machine passed the test.

    So I suppose the same type of test could be applied to emotions or feelings. If you can't tell the difference, then maybe they are "real". However, feelings are more complex than the intelligence test, because we have so many non-verbal cues, like body language, that helps us to gage a person's feelings. AI would be hard pressed to be able to mimic that, given that it would also require the development of complex machinery to do so.

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    You could make the case and argue it both ways until everyone passes out from exhaustion, but at the end of the day, we have no way of knowing.

    What it comes down to is an inability to absolutely quantify feelings in *any* being -- mechanical or otherwise.

    For instance, we may see that another being may smile, laugh, cry, or scream in perceived frustration, but how does one argue that "feelings" drive these actions? In the case of artificial intelligence, are these "learned" or programmed behaviors? The result of a highly sophisticated state machine? Conditions == irritating --> Frustrated = True?

    We cannot conclusively state the matter one way or the other at the present time.

    EDIT: oeman50 nailed the other half of it. Cheers!

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    This is an excellent question, however there is a even better one, can the organic man-machine feel? Man is a machine, if he can't really "FEEL" himself and "SEE" himself not in his natural state capable of consciousness, how can a creation of his do this? This may seem odd, because we all know man can be emotional, but does he really have emotions? What is the difference? Does he really feel his emotions?

    More than meets the eye.

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    Just because a computer can mimic all the outward signs of intelligence does not mean it is conscious -- that it has a subjective experience of phenomena.

    Thought is an entirely different substance from matter. No amount of physical machinery, no matter how complex, will be able to have THOUGHTS. An AI would be a creature of instinct.

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    No,it would be logical like Spock on Star Trek.

    But artificial intelligence still beats real stupidity.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If it was truly intelligent, yes, so I guess that's why it's called artificial.

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