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What type of ring it this?

Im trying to look for a class ring that's original, not bulky and that is the aquamarine color....

Also, if you have any pictures of rings or and ideas please let me know..

and i like this style or ring and was wondering what its called:


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    That style is called a "dinner ring" because the style is large and has cut sparkly stones in it.

    It is an Aquamarine stone in the center. It is very pretty. I like it too.

    Class rings usually have room on the outer ring for engraved name of school and graduation date. I found one of many website for freestyle class rings here:

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    Square Aquamarine Ring in 14K White Gold with Diamond Accents

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    Its a version of a princess cut ring...princess cuts are generally square. Aquamarine is the march birthstone.

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    square aquamarine ring in 14k white gold with diamond accents.the price is $399.99

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    omg that ring is amazing i would buy it as is

  • 1 decade ago

    it is so cute i would just go ahead and buy it NOW, before i do..hahaa

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