Astrology(horoscopes) pseudoscience?

I am doing this short video survey for a science class. I am supposed to be discussing what is pseudoscience? and why is astrology considered to be pseudoscience?..i want to interview random ppl on campus...but what should i ask? i want it to be unique and cool...the rest of my group are doing other stuff, then well edit it all together into one documentary. so nay ideas for questionsi should ask the students on campus?

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    I would design my questions to determine whether a particular subject knows what science is, and therefore what pseudoscience is. Then ask them an open question about astrology and see how they approach the answer. Decide for yourself how useful anecdotal evidence is for a science investigation, and how it can or can't be used. Everyone will have an opinion, but see what evidence they offer in support of their opinion. You'll learn a lot of fascinating stuff about human ignorance and apathy! Get permission from each subject before the interview, and then post the documentary on youtube. Send me the link and I'll watch it. Sounds like a superb assignment. Kudos to your teacher.

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    Is Astrology A Pseudoscience

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    I remember reading an article in Nature of Science maybe 20 years ago

    where researchers got a bunch of volunteers and gave them the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, MMPI, a psychological test designed to asses someone on a bunch of personality scales.

    They then gave the volunteers birth dates and times to some astrologers, ones held in high repute by the astrological community. They asked the astrologers to match the MMPIs [stripped of birthdate or any other identifying information] with the birthdates.

    The astrologers did no better than chance. As I recall, they did worse, but not statistically significantly so.

    The Amazing Randi has done some debunking; google that.

    Or just read horoscopes. Is any of the advice, or are any of the warnings, not applicable to everyone ?

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    Parapsychology is considered unofficially by many skeptics to be a "pseudoscience" largely because they mistakenly or falsely claim it has produced "no effects." This belief is completely mistaken. There are hundreds of peer-reviewed science papers and books reporting successful ESP and other parapsychology experiments done under very careful scientific conditions. By the standards of any other science, evidence for parapsychological effects has been fully demonstrated. Skeptics reject this evidence only because to accept it means they would have to change their views about the nature of the world and the completeness of physics. Ultimately, this all means that parapsychology really is a science, not a pseudoscience -- and it is officially recognized as such by the AAAS, the leading science organization in the United States.

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    The nature of gravitational force between me and the planets is the same but the magnitude is different.How that is going to dictate the events in my life? Astrology has no answer to this question.

    The events in my life are influenced by many factors and the actual result is the sum total of all the factors. Astrology cannot evaluate the combined effect.

    Astrology has no base, Sun and Moon are shown as planets in the horoscopic chart, while the Earth which is a planet has no place.

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    When I took my first psychology course in college, we had an interesting demonstration in class. A week before we got to the section on tests and measurement, the professor handed out a personality test to all of the students. We turned them in after class. The next week the professor handed out a sheet of paper to each student which contained a number of sentences, some of which were circled. The circled ones pertained to the student whose name was on the sheet. We were told not to share the information with other students in the class. After reading our own psychological profiles, we were each asked about the accuracy of the descriptions as they pertained to each of us. Someone kept score of the accuracy reported by each student.

    As the number of responses that people thought were very accurate kept mounting, I heard a whisper behind me. Two students were comparing their profiles, and they were identical. When each student had reported on the accuracy of the profiles and the numbers were added, it was clear that the profiles were all very accurate. Then the professor told everybody that they could share their profiles because all of them were identical. So they were.

    The professor took all of the circled statements from a horoscope book. The uncircled, and more specific statements, were made up by him. He made his point: people will place more belief in the answers if they trust the methodology. That is, if we knew the circled answers came from a horoscope, we would have never given the test as much credence as we did. Because we believed in psychological testing, we put a lot more trust in the answer.

    In any event, astrology is just a bunch of fiction that is accepted by some people who do not understand science in general or astronomy in particular.

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    astrologyhoroscopes pseudoscience

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    That's right

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