for the war or against it?? explain...?

im in the marine corps and i am definitely for it..i know what we do over there..i see it first hand.i just wanna see other opinions.

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    Though it is an unpleasant thing, I see the necessity of war to perpetuate peace and I hope the latter is always achieved. You won't see me at peace rally's trying to bring our troops home and leave a job half done, nor egging the war on for longer than it has to be just for the sake of fighting.

    I am an army fiancee and my other half is currently fighting in that war. I understand and respect his want to fight for our freedom and what he feels is right, just as I understand and respect the need for us to finish what we started. Otherwise, what was the point? As my fiance put it, "I'd rather be over there and us get our asses kicked (meaning trained soldiers), than leaving the place in ruins and as a breeding ground for more innocents to be killed on American soil." I couldn't have said it better myself :).

    Source(s): Proud Army Fiancee and waiting for his safe return
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    Well Im in the army. Its not what you believe is right or wrong. Or what i believe is right or wrong. Were in the service its not that simple anymore. I am not for the War in Iraq at all. If i was told to go and fight though i would.

    We are the ones who have answered the call of our country to do what they tell us to do. Having our own opinion is quite pointless if it confilicts with what they tell us to do. You joined the Marines for the probably the same reason i joined the army. To serve your country. I 100% Support the USMC. I have many friends who are marines.

    For the "what we do over there" I hope your not talking about the stuff that makes it on the news. Some people are ****** up and slip through the cracks of the Militarys ranks. Dont forget the **** they do to us and themselves over there. Like sending kids over to you strapped with bombs. What kind of **** is that?

    Also dont forget the reasons for some of the war. Like Afghanistan. Seems like everyones forgot about 9/11. A poll done my i think it was MSNBC? Showed that 3 years after 9/11 81% of people supported what we were doing with BOTH of the wars. When the economy hit the fan and went to **** only 23% 2 years after the original poll still supported it.

    Dont forget your job man. I know what i have to do. I will be shipped to Afghanistan since thats where they are sending everyone in my job. Im 19k Tanker. Leadership, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Those are the 7 core army values that the army lives by. Even in the Marines that should mean something to you. Selfless Service. We do what were told, when were told, how were told, and we shouldnt need a reason other then they said so. Welcome to the service.

  • For it!

    Been coming a very long time. Arabs started attacks on Jews in Palestine before WWI. Jordan was created as a Palestinian state, WTF is the problem both got a slice of land.

    In 1974 I was painting our dueces desert camo...WE were in Germany! Not much desert there..been coming a long time.

    1979 Iran becomes an enemy to the entire world. In 83 they back the bombing of your Brothers in Beirut

    Hijackings, old men in wheel chairs thrown overboard into the Med. Lockerby, Berlin and on and on till 91 and Kuwait...hug...hug..warn..warn all e get is the bird

    93 we see the first attack on The WTC.

    I think from that point all should know what has happened

    Take a look at the link and compare low literacy rates to problem areas on this planet. Our only hope is to get these people real educations, real governments, economies that create work. The hug..hug..feed...feed has done NOTHING.

    If they cannot get it right....F em and drop the big one!

    SSG US Army 73-82

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    Nobody should technically ever be "for" war. I fully support what we are doing overseas and I believe President Bush made the correct decision in taking the fight to the enemy. Terrorists attacked our great Nation on 9/11 without provocation and it is up to our brave fighting men and women to ensure we remain the greatest Nation on this planet. Hussein being dead has not ended terrorists attacking innocent women and children has it? bin Laden still missing and presumed dead by many has not ended al Qaeda and Taliban attacks in Afghanistan, has it? Anyone that believes we are not doing the right thing in Iraq and Afghanistan are the same ignorant people who sleep under the blanket of freedom that the military provides and don't even realize it. Let the celebrities say what they want to the millions of mindless individuals that believe in every word they spew out of their worthless mouths, that's just one of the many great aspects our constitution provides. Bringing the troops home now and not properly ending the global war on terrorism will only bring terror back to our home soil. And to those courageous men and women serving under our Flag, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

    Source(s): 15 years military service (U.S. Marine Corps 1991-1995; Army National Guard 1996-2000, Army 2000-2006)
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    ALL FOR IT. I wish I had the link, but there was a story that I believe was run in the British Times that talked about the fact that al-Qaeda in Iraq, which once numbered 12,000 strong, has been reduced to about 1,200 soldiers that are confined to one of the northern provinces of Iraq and are slowly being squeezed out. How come this hasn't been on ABC, NBC, CBS, or CNN? I also know from talking to colleagues who have actually BEEN to Iraq that we DID find weapons of mass destruction over there. Sure, we didn't find them in the quantities expected, but in one installation near Tikrit they found enough nerve gas agent (and the delivery system) to wipe out the entire population of Iran. Why isn't THAT being reported? The reason is obvious: The mainstream liberal media is neglecting to report FACTS because they want the American people to believe exactly what they're telling them. Too bad most Americans are falling for it...

    Source(s): Master Sergeant, USAF Reserve
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    Thank you for your service from another Vet. Gulf War I should have done the job then. Then 9/11/2001 might not have happened. I am for the war mostly because I do not want those assholes following the military home and doing here what they are doing in Iraq. Odd how no one who has seen combat wants it to come here.

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    Well we ruined their economy we hurt their country. Of course we did it for a good reason but we are responsible for helping them get back to normal. Also even if we left they would still be unstab;e and because they are the middle east it is very possible that they could hurt us again like 9/11

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    i have problems accepting that any nation would invade another like this. especially under false pretexts, which is something that i believe has been done in the case of Irak.

    i certainly hope that earnest people like you might turn the whole thing into something positive. but this hope is very faint.

  • I am for securing American interests all over the globe.

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    I'm for my friends in the military not being used as personal cannon fodder

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