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So I have a weight issue..?

I would like to lose weight and look more thin before January. I eat right and exercise, is there any way to speed it up?? Would eating a little less help me lose weight a little qucker? For example:

Breakfast - 1 small bowl frosted flakes and light yogurt

Snack - apple

Lunch - Low cal Rice cakes (about 10) and a couple handfuls of trail mix and about 8 carrots with ranch

Snack - banana

Dinner - chicken ceasar salad.

Would that be a good kind of daily diet?? Changing it up a little bit but eating about that amount of food and calories?

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    thats OK but cut the frosted flakes and trail mix and ranch out. you wont survive a diet like that you need some carbs and protien. eggs or some kind of meat with breakfast, and some cheese. (fattening mabey but you need that kind of fat.) lunch eat a sandwhich. plain. cheese/meat/bread. dinner. eat something ****ing delicous you earned it. and sometime make sure to do some exercise.

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    I would switch out the frosted flakes for Special K. Frosted flakes has a lot of sugar. You need more protein especially in the middle of the day. Maybe switch the salad for dinner to lunch. You want to eat the majority of your calories in the beginning and middle of the day. Also Caesar salad dressing is really fatty and high in calories. I would do a balsamic or italian low fat dressing instead. If you love Caesar though just get the dressing on the side and dip your fork into the dressing then the salad. You'll save hundreds of calories this way and not sacrifice the taste too much. Lose the Ranch with the carrot sticks too. Maybe a low-fat pesto sauce would work better.

    Drink plenty of water especially right before you eat. Through in some green tea in the there and the pounds should melt away.

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    To lose weight you have to consume (eat/drink) less than you expend (exercise/ daily activity).

    3500 calories equal one pound. So if you eat 500 calories less than you use per day you will lose one pound per week.

    There are various websites you can use to track calories and to get an estimate of how many calories you need/use per day.

    Aim for losing a maximum of two pounds per week. Any more than that and you will be losing muscle, not fat. Losing muscle is not good because muscle actually burns calories, even while doing nothing like sitting on the couch or sleeping. Fat doesn't burn any calories.

    You don't mention anything about exercise. I hope you are or plan to begin exercising. Cardio, strength, and flexibility. Diet or not you should be doing all three categories for general health.

    Cardio 3-5 days per week for 20-60 mins

    Strength 2-3 days per week doing an exercise for all major muscle groups

    Flexibility 2-3 days per week stretching the muscles around all major joints.

    As for your proposed diet, it doesn't sound like a good one to me. At all meals you want to try and eat all three types of calories (carbs, healthy fats, and protein). The more processed a food is the less healthy it is in general, I'm talking about your frosted flakes and rice cakes. Unless you are making your trail mix yourself, it probably has quite a bit of sodium and sugar. Also ranch dressing is not a diet food. And be careful about the dressing on your chicken ceasar salad, dressing can pack in loads of calories.

    I would suggest:

    Breakfast: a slice of 100% whole grain toast with peanut butter and your yogurt with some fruit cut up and added to it.

    Snack: apple and a string cheese

    Lunch: get some sort of protein (maybe a bean and veggie soup, homemade) carrots are good, try hummas instead of ranch. Make a trail mix yourself with unsalted nuts and seeds, dried fruit (look for ones without added sugar), and whole grain cereal.

    Snack: banana good, maybe add a few almonds

    Dinner: salad with chicken and a non creamy dressing like a berry vinegrette.

    You can actually eat quite a bit when you are on a diet if you eat healthy things. Nature made, unprocessed foods like fruits and veggies and whole grains.

    I hope this helps you with your weight loss goals.

    Source(s): I am a certified personal trainer. I am not a nutritionist, but I plan on going back to school to become one, so I think I know a bit more about food than the average person.
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    ok, get rid of the frosted flakes and limit the trail mix. remember all the fruit you are eating has natural sugar in it. here's what i did to lose 25 pounds and still losing. only eat a small fruit with lunch and dinner. eat some starch with all 3 meals, limit your meat intake to about 4oz per meal. Eat a salad with each meal, with veggies, don't drink soda and limit your breads to only whole grains. eat 3 small meals a day with 3 snacks in between of a starch and meat. never eat fruit or sugar before bed and drink plenty of water. Now i have to go get me a chicken ceasar, my favorite.

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    Breakfast - 2 slice of wheat bread, 2 eggs, a glass of low fat milk, 4 low fat digestive biscuits.

    Lunch - Subway sandwich with no sauce (just black pepper) on a wheat bread and alot of vege.

    Dinner - Lean meat & LOADS of vege.

    Snack - Fruits.

    Thats my daily diet and i lost 5kg for 1 month period. I exercise 30 minute a day for 6 times a week. I get 8 hours of sleep everyday and drinks 3 liter of water.

    I usually take a short walk abt 20min after my dinner or lunch.

    Thats how i do it actually.... hope it helps.

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    that really doesn't seem like enough food to me. "/, so would probably make you lose weight yes if that is a considerable amount less than what you're consuming now.

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