What happens in Air Force basic training during Christmas exodus?

I will be shipping out to basic training on December 16th and that's so close to the Christmas exodus.

I know they say you have the option of going home or staying, but if you go home, you lose future time off.

I plan on staying.

So what will happen during then?

Will everything continue as normal?

I know the USAF basic training is now 8 weeks (To prove they're just as tough, to enhance survival skills and to rid the name Chair Force I guess, ha ha) so does the time I spend at basic training count? Or does the cycle resume after exodus?

I'll be just getting there so I know I won't get any priviliges or anything.

Please tell me anything you know concerning this.

Thank you =)

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    I attended Air Force Basic Training during Christmas myself. This was in 1986 however. Don't know how things are now but they are probably very similar. The cycle resumed the day after Christmas and you lost no time in cycle. Only Christmas day itself differed from our normal schedule. We were allowed to attend Church and the base PX where we could play video games and buy needed items. There was a base function put on by the USO that was a nice fellowship of people that included caroling, music, and a separate worship service from the regular Church service. There were no drill instructors around to give us a hard time (ours dropped into the barracks in civvies just to wish us a Merry Christmas, then he left). If you are fortunate enough to have family close enough to come visit you in San Antonio, that will be allowed. If this is the case you most likely will receive a 6 to 8 hour off-base pass as well so you can spend time with your visitors (must be immediate family). This is subject to your drill instructors judgment however. Phone privileges are extended to everyone however, for the duration of Christmas Eve and all of Christmas. Its back to hell on earth the day after Christmas (not that bad really, but definitely not fun). Hope this helps, God Bless and hang in there. 8 weeks will go quickly. The Air Force basic training is a very mental crucible. Keep your wits about you and pay attention

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    The Air Force does not have x-mas exodus during basic training.

    Only the Army has x-mas exodus during basic.

    In the Air Force, X-mas will just be a down day.

    You do not get to go home.

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    Training will shut down for Christmas (so the instructors can be with their families), and it won't be counted. One of the local families might adopt you for the holiday, too.

    After the exodus, prepare to pick up where you left off.

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    yeah you don't get to go home or nothing sorry =[

    it best if you just stick it out! it will be fine! my fiance just left to boot camp and they were telling us that families in texas adopt a air man and stuff and they get to go off base [[if you behave good enough]] and spend time with that family =]

    =] i hope this helps..=] have fun and Enjoy the time with family right now

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