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do you know the name of a killer baby movie?

its not its alive because i bouqht it and they hardly show the baby the one i seen when i was about 10-14 yrs old the baby had a huge head and the mother fed it raw meat and it would kill people. the mother was not ashamed of her baby and took care of it but i think she met a man in the movie her later got the baby to turn back on his own mother and at the end the mother kills the baby by puttinq a spray can in the microwave and blows up the house!

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    The Unborn maybe or the Unborn 2

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    5 years ago

    u sure it wasnt a doll coz chucky a doll it kinda look like a baby and it pretty gross its not that u should watch it, it actually funny lol

  • 1 decade ago

    hmm that actually sounds familiar, i might have that one, i will check for ya

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