my younger sister..she want to paint their small room but she dont know the suitable colour and type of paint.?

can you give any idea to beautify the small bedroom and the suitable color and type of paint..

please help me....

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  • yowza
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    1 decade ago
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    play around with the Sherwin Williams color visualizer to help you imagine how the colors will look together. It is the best paint visualizer on the web, imho. I like how their color palette is laid out, I like that you can search by color family & color name, the "painted" rooms look the most realistic, and it suggests coordinating color schemes. You can literally spend hours:

    I think a gold like "alchemy" (# 6395) might be a great choice.

    You can take a photo of your house & upload it to the makeover gallery on this website:

    You can get color suggestions & for $5 they'll photoshop them onto your room so that you can get an idea of what it will look like.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    it rather is no longer inevitably actual that dark partitions make a room look smaller. What DOES make a gloomy room look smaller is severe evaluation. case in point: in case you have a room it rather is dark green and a settee it rather is white, the evaluation will spotlight the size of the room. it rather is the reliable evaluation between the two that decreases the seen perception of the room's length. If the partitions are dark green and the settee is the comparable shade of green (or a relative fee) the room won't look as small. In a gloomy room it incredibly is needed ward off reliable contrasts in extra desirable products of furnishings or different substantial factors at the same time with cloth. whilst the climate in a room (partitions, furnishings) are comparable in shade or shade the perceived obstacles of the area are greater. subsequently, I additionally propose portray the ceiling an identical or comparable shade because of the fact the partitions. i be conscious of this runs counter to nicely-known know-how, notwithstanding it rather is going to incredibly paintings to soften the reliable evaluation between the partitions and the ceiling (extremely if the ceiling isn't tall) and help them to visually mixture at the same time. i might certainly no longer propose portray the trim in a strongly contrasting shade the two, for the comparable motives. as nicely, there is no longer something inherently incorrect with transforming into a gloomy, intimate area. good, nicely placed lights to selectively spotlight exciting paintings and upload-ons are additionally a huge plus in a darker room. think of of it as adorning a "jewel container" indoors.

  • Lulu
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    1 decade ago

    I'm send you some links to a couple of free decorating sites. Look at some of the rooms and see what you like.

    Use interior latex paint in flat sheen for the walls. (That means there's no shine to it.) If you are painting woodwork, I like white interior latex with a gloss finish. (Washes well.)

    As for color, I prefer to keep the walls a neutral color such as white, off-white, beige, light brown, or light gray. This way, you can change the color of your bedclothes - bedspread and pillows - for a totally different look.

    Example: If you paint the walls a light brown, you might use blue accessories one time, and later a soft orange color.

    Most girls like pink, but I find that it gets tiresome pretty quickly. If she wants pink, do three walls white and the wall behind the bed in a pretty soft pink. Use pink, lavender, and yellow colored accessories.

    Have fun!

  • 1 decade ago

    Darker colors will make the room seem smaller. Lighter colors will make the room more comfortable. Also the type of finish you use will make a difference. A flat type paint will not reflect light like a glossy paint will. Also a flat base paint will mark easily and is hard to clean. When you get your paint get a semi-gloss finish.

    Also before you pick out your paint color. Pick your fabric out first. Like curtain or bedding's. It is more easy to match paint to fabric than it is to match fabric to a paint color.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Black is nice!!!

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