Would anyone like an outfit put together?

Ok if so tell me how much your willing to spend,personality (fun,shy,etc).An ill do my best to put something together. Oh an tell me what you need the outfit for.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Thats me ...http://img99.imageshack.us/my.php?image=la1f4488bb...

    I would love to see your idea. ( money does not matter pick something ! )

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Plan your outfits, take it sluggish to do it. a million.First have a subject or what style of a glance you p.c.. casual, sporty, adventurous, taylored, exciting, kookie, etc. 2. Have a shade and shade, something which you look spectacular in. in case you don't be conscious of your superb colorings, get some suggestion, or get out interior the solar and carry distinctive colorings by ability of your face and look interior the replicate. p.c.. something simple in that shade like a jacket or skirt etc. it rather is the place you initiate 3. p.c.. different products of outfits that the two evaluation or harmonize with that shade. Have one small accessory piece, like a headscarf, slightly jewelery, a handbag, a belt, etc. it rather is the two very shiny or very dark in an opposite shade.( in case you will be able to desire to earnings some issues approximately shade and you do no longer likely be conscious of what suits, there are books and information superhighway web pages approximately shade and shade coordination. or you may sometimes get help from a manner representative or maybe an incredibly good fabric cabinet chum) 3. As a everyday rule, blend undeniable colorings with types and don't blend types. yet then regulations are to be broken, and a few human beings can wreck out with combining something flowered with something striped, case in point. in case you have something it rather is bejewelled it incredibly is possibly good ot have that be the only jeweled or beaded piece. 4. attempting on tops to circulate with the denims or skirt you picked, purely to work out what you're interior the temper for is exciting. attempt layering distinctive tops and jackets and assessories. attempt distinctive jewery and footwear with your outfit. 5. in case you have an editorial of outfits it rather is "iffy", you do no longer sense comfortable in it, it would not extra healthful (fairly no count if it incredibly is purely too tight or the neck is so low you sense slutty, etc.) do away with it. 6. locate numerous distinctive outfits you sense good approximately and sort them to your girlfiriends purely to get an quite final opinion. good success!

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