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anyone want to mentor me?help me out?

anyone want to help me out with improving my photography?

maybe mentor me?

I'm 15, very interested in photography, very dedicated.

Ive had the Nikon d40 starter kit for basic about a week now.

Ive spent the last few days learning as much as i possibly can about basic photography skills.

shutter speed.




reflectors, deffusers .

I have an absolute love for photography.

i love everything from artsy, creative stuff, to studio work.

please, if anyone has some spare time to maybe help me out, nothing to bad, just a few questions, some photos to critique, and some tips on improvement.

I'm very serious, im out taking pictures everyday working my hardest to improve.

please email me if your interested, many of you may have seen my question posted before but i thought i would make another because not many people replied to my original

and for anyone who was interested please email me and i will answer any questions you might have. i don't have any IMs but if you could email me that would be great. i would greatly appreciate it

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    If you have a community college in your town, see if they have any classes in photography. Take some classes, and ask the teacher if s/he knows of someone who could mentor you. Also see if there is a photography club in your town. You could learn a lot from the members of a club. Good luck!

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