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What do I do about my accident?

I was at my boy-friends's house and we were just talking and he made me laugh sooooo hard! I peed and didnt wanna tell hime. I was acting all weird b/c i didnt want him to see my pants or the stain on the couch. but he did and saw my pants. how do i explain why a 25 year old would do something like this??

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    whats wrong with the truth. now tell us the joke<

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    So you laughed so hard you peed. It happens. I've done it. Just explain what happened. In a couple of years you will look back on this and laugh so hard you pee again. The next time he says "hey i got a joke for you" tell him "hold that thought till i use the bathroom". It will be a great story. Embrace the humorous things that happen in your life instead of getting embarassed. You'll be better for it, i promise.

    Let me tell you what i did. One day my boyfriend and i got competative. We were trying to see who could do the most sit ups. We were both laying on the floor and counting as we did them. I got to like 50 and he was still going strong. I was straining so hard to sit up that i farted. And i don't do that in front of people if i can help it. I try to be very lady like. But it happened and he started cracking up because i try to be so proper all the time. He now tells that story to his friends and we all get a big laugh out of it. We don't even know who won our little competition. As embarassing as it was, it happened and it was funny. i will probably never do a sit up in front of someone again but i have no problem explaining why. He loves me more for the quirky things i do. he really does. I hope you can learn to laugh at yourself to. Life is to short. Your great! Good luck!

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    You don't say how old you are but if he is a boy and you are a girl he must know that you are built different than he is. Explain that you don't have the ability to reach down and squeeze it to hold in any built up pressure like he does.

    if he really likes you he will understand and if he doesn't then he is too young and immature for a relationship anyway.

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    Turn it into a joke and don't make too much about it. It's really not important and if your boyfriend thinks it is, then he was looking for an excuse anyway. Move on..and be glad you have such a funny boyfriend!

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    If he loves you he should laugh it off and make it your little secret.

    It happens to lots of ladies, you are not unique! Don't stress about it, it's just the way your body works!

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    Just be honest. It happens. If he laughs or leaves you it would have lasted anyways. He would be a jerk and you don't need someone like that in your life.

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    don't even worry about it. people laughing so hard they pee happens all the time. take it from a guy....he doesnt care. you are more worried about it than he is.

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