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5 bands that come to your mind when you see my avatar pic?

Can you guess them?

Well, I'm just bored!!

MQ: Thoughts on Cynic's new album?


Well the other three are Obituary, Ensiferum, and Sodom.... So that leaves the MQ.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    The only 2 I can make out are Iron Maiden and I think Cryptospy

    MQ: I love it LOVE IT, and its been 15 years its about friggin time for a follow up I thought Slayer was bad.

  • I like it...on top of Shreds 2 picks...I am going to duess that is the Death Scythe at the top..though enough other bands incorporate it to make that less than 100%.

    the other 2...IDK.

    MQ- Haven't heard it yet.

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