yahoo messenger 9 has to many problems can I get a better version?

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    Messenger 9 for Vista users and XP users with 9, The updated Windows Firewall will not let Messenger download correctly.And is causing 9 and 8.1 users to have problems now.. The only option that might help is turning off the firewall to download and install then turning it back on.Go to control panel, click on windows fire wall, Exceptions tab. make sure messenger is checked,if not listed then add it to the list.then click save.

    .If the fire wall still causes problems,then revert back to 8.0 or 7.5 these and all versions of messenger can be found here;

    You need to remove version 9 1st to get another version to work. To remove Messenger version Use Unwise located middle of page of Messenger Folder.. Your contacts are stored online But if you want to save your old messages archives,they are saved on your PC in the messenger file you are about to delete.Go here and copy them to a new folder

    Start>my computer>c:drive>program files>yahoo>messenger>profiles>(your ID)>archive>messages

  • download ccleaner,

    after downloads, click on tools look for Yahoo! Messenger 9.0, and run uninstaller, now run ccleaner and registry scan (fix all) after you uinstall it..

    now go to File it will have alot of version of Yahoo! Messenger, the latest of 8.1

    have a great day!

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    maybe find and go back to one of the older versions...absolutely.

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