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How Do I Start a Small Farm/ranch ?

My husband nad I are getting ready to go to Texas A&M @ College Station. He will be majoring in Agribusiness and I am majoring Wildlife Biology. After college we are planning to build a house on the 200acres his family owns and start a small farm/ranch. We want cattle, goats, chickens, pigs maybe rabbits, and a couple of horses for our personal use. I guess my questions are; How do we get started? How can I find info on buying selling raising and caring for all of these animals? How do I pick which breeds are best ( Fairfield, TX) for us? How much land do you need per animal? What other factors go into having a ranch/farm?

thanks so much

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    I wish i could remember the title of the book by a guy who did exactly what you are proposing. His only regret was that he didn't realize how often the veterinarian would have to be called. That would have made him choose some animals over others. But he loved the life.

    You own the land and that is the only hard part... affording the land prices. Just start buying and feeding your animals. Put up the fences. Visit with all the neighbors. The hours are long but it may be the easiest business to start from scratch..

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