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To all the guys and girlz...?

What do you find attrative about your opposite sex,like whats the first thing that grabs your attention about them and what qualities must they have?

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    I'm a guy, and here's what I look for in a girl:

    1. A pretty face (75% of first impression, 10% of overall)

    2. A nice a** (15% of first impression, 10% of overall)

    3. Nice rest of body (5% of first impression, 5% of overall)

    4. A great personality (5% of first impression, 75% of overall)

    Notice there are two categories: first impression (short run) and overall (long run).

    Obviously, this is just an approximation I came up with. Personality includes: non-smoker, doesn’t use drugs, caring, honest, loyal, fun-loving, respectful, intelligent, and down-to-earth

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    For some reason I like a girl with a nice curvy shape and really nice hips and thighs

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    a good body

    a good face

    shoes doesn't matter




    and all that stuff

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