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What would u do if.........?

I dumped my boyriend because basicly i moved, met him and then was surprized to find out my new school was his, i'm in year 11 anyway being the new girl i got a lot of stick, comments and stuff and him being my bf got it too, i was feelig realy down and he was gettig down and i elt guilty cos if it wasn't for me people woudn't be having a go, so i dumped him and didn't tell him the eal reason just said we wernt working out but now i miss him like crazy, i don't think i actully realized how much i liked him, i want him back but everytime i try talk to him those same people are wit him and i don't think he likes me anymore, what can i do?

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    This is a lesson to be learned. Try to pull him aside and talk to him just like friends and work your way to telling him how you feel.Remember to always be yourself and never change for anyone! Take care!

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    Sorry, you made your bed and now you gotta lie in it. You don't dump a guy just because of what other people say or do. How would you feel if he was the one who did that to you?? He has every right to be mad at you and not want to get back together. You should move on and let him find someone who'll think of his feelings before other people's.

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    Let go. If how others feel and view the two of you together bothers you both to the point you are getting down than neither of you are ready to truly date. Give it time and concentrate on your studies gnd future. When you stop worrying about relationship trouble and more about your futur the good relationship stuff will just happen naturally.

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    A high school experience. Find a common ground you may have with him outside of school and make your move in that direction. Leave school outside of your personal relationships, if at all possible.

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    you should try calling him.

    he wont be around those friends and then just tell him the real reason..

    tell him you just had to tell him the truth and see what he says

    im sure he still has feelings for you, but you just gotta tell him the real reason

    honestly helps relationships :]

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    Of Course he is going to act like he dosent like you. You Did brake his heart you just need to be confadent in yourself so just tell him straight up you like him its better to tell him then keep it all in!

    Email me any time


    always nicki

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    Well, don't we all wish at times we would of said or done things differently!..................You have got to talk with him, be honest and see if he is still interested. xox

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    Never like ur opposite more then he does you.

    you will meet other guys, dont waste ur time on someone

    who will not fight for you, i say move on~~~`

    good luck.

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    tell him what you told us. but if he has a new gf keep it to yourself.

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