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peugeot 206 squeaking/squealing noiuse?

I have a 2002 peugeot 206, when i hit the accelarator there is a squealing noise coming from the engine - im not sure if its just the cold weather???


Would it be the CAM belt??

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    Yes, it's a belt...but not the cam belt.

    It is your belt for the alternator. Just tighten it a little bit, and the squeeling will go away.

    (there is NO cooling fan belt on this car; it has an electric fan motor)

    The cold weather is just a coincidence. This noise can happen in all seasons.

    MAN, you are lucky. Problems discussed on this site usually cost the Asker big money.

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    Without hearing the noise it sure sounds like a loose/warn belt.

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    Yes, it's from alternator belt.

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