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I had my baby 15 days ago and i think i may be pregnant please help?

okay my doctor told me that as soon as my stitches healed up i can have sex anyways my husband and i had sex like 2 days ago he didnt wear a condom but he pulled out i know there is re @um but i mean what are the chances of me getting pregnant by that and like its not really true that you can get pregnant alot faster right after you have a baby anyways all i want to know is what are the chances of me being pregnant again

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    no i don't think you can but you never know i was told to go ahead after 3 weeks cuz i had stooped bleeding ! and i did not have a baby with me either, he was born and passed after his birth ! at 23 weeks os i did not have a full pg i would geton birth control or some form of it!! your most fertile after a loss of just having one!!

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    I have never heard of a doctor saying it is okay to have sex after they fallout. I have always been told you are to wait until 6 weeks. It isn't just stitches it is you body need time to heal. I think you need a new doctor. I have had 3 kids and number 4 on they way and have always been told to wait.

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    I have also heard that you are way more fertile after just having a baby. I think that there is probably a good reason they want you to wait. Its trauma to your body to have a baby. I dont think you can ovulate that fast again right after however. you might want to call your nurse and ask them.

  • you are most fertile right after you have a baby. and i am 13 weeks prgo using the pull out method

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    you are the most fertile after having a baby. see your doc and have him do a blood test in a few weeks and you will know.

    good luck!

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