How does Core i7 compare to Xeon processors?

I see all the discussion about i7 vs. Core, but nothing about Xeon (assuming the top end of Xeon). How do they compare. My purposes are heavy amounts of real-time data flowing/processing into my pc (have top end FIOS on the data side) and running multiple intensive applications simultaneously. Looking to replace my current pc with a Dell workstation with Xeon, but wondering if I should wait for Core i7 to come to the workstations.


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    Xeon processors are made mostly for servers and just offer plain raw power. They are nearly the oldest form of quad core and not that usable for general purpose tasks. the new i7 processors are very fast and quick. they are a better alternative but are also very pricey. I would use the i7 because it can stream, game ands everything better but have you considered the core 2 they are still very good and a q6600 is relatively cheap and can be overclocked past all of its rest of the line even the extremes. but if i could afford an i7 i would buy one but £600 is a big price tag for a bottom of the i7 range processor.

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    i7 is the latest and greatest of the Intel's offering.

    The old Xeon is meant for Server farms. It did not address the computing demands of desktops.

    That's the major diff.

    For early adaptors, i7 is pricey. But wait, it will come down. It is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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