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GIRL: Wearing Flats Without Socks!!?!??!?!?!!?

Heyy I usually wear my skinny jeans with my different flats.

Every time I wear them without socks because it looks silly (AND they are leather so they should let my feet 'breathe') but they still smell slightly at the end of the day..

I can't wear them with socks becuase it doesn't look nice haha,,,

Is this normal and what should I do to make them not smell at all hah?


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    Yeah its pretty feet usually sweat when I wear flats without socks.

    Socks arent that bad if you wear jeans...but I still prefer them without socks.

    My mom always tells me to put foot powder in them.

    I should probably listen to her lol.

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    It is normal for feet to smell, although not everyone has this problem.

    You need to try to keep your feet from getting too hot and sweaty. The best way to do this is to slightly slip your heels out of the shoes when you are sitting down. This will let your feet get some air. It is also a good idea to take your shoes off a couple times during the day, like at lunch to let your feet and shoes breathe.

    Feet are not made to be smothered by shoes, that's why they get sweaty and stinky.

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    Try this:

    Make a mixture of equal parts baby powder, cornstarch and baking soda. Rub it into your feet before you put the shoes on. At the end of the day, sprinkle some of the mixture into the shoes and let it sit over night. Discard it in the morning and start again. I do not recommend sprinkling powder into your shoes before you wear them, because it tends to mix with your foot sweat and get all cakey and nasty.

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    You could wear stockings that are the color of your skin. I do that sometimes when i'm going to wear my flats for a long time. Just gets the little ones that go around your foot. No need to wear full length stockings all over your legs. It also keeps you from getting blisters because your skin doesn't stick to the inside of the shoes.

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    Socks with flats usually don't look good... I just put some baby powder in my shoes or under my feet, and it keeps them dry and smelling fresh!

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    I know what u meen. i never wear socks wit my flats and anyone else normal wouldnt either.B4 u leave u can wash ur feet and shoes. then spray some sweaty feet stuff in your shoe and then get some skinn color socks. i think it works!


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    is it possible that they are leather "uppers" only? leather shoes should not create nor keep odors, even if your feet do sweat. maybe double-check that the inner soles are indeed leather. also, maybe they've been over-worn 'cause you love em so much? and therefore, they can no longer fight off the foot odor because it's just gotten so ingrained, nothing's gonna help at this point?

    good luck!

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    Use popsocks or tights instead does the same thing as a sock

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    No. Mine don't get sweaty some gilrs do..... They have special socks for those type of shoes... Sometimes our feet stink not usually though..... and why are you even thinking about girls feet?

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    I don't wear socks with my falts...But they have those flats socks or the ones with the toe parts of the sock and the elastic sling back.

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