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Need help from people who have played Manhunt 2 on Wii!?

On the level where he wants to find out his past (I think it's called sexual ------) and you go in the club, and you go up to the door, and the man says, "I only let people in that I know." Then your person goes, "He wants someone he knows? Go get him." Me and my brother thought we could kill someone then put his face up to the slot, but when you hold a dead body, he's slung on your back, and you can't turn him around, what do we do?

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    you are so pose to find a axe then be head a guy they know.

    then go back to the door and show the head.

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    best thing to do is go back outside and look around maybe you find something i plan the ps2 verison not the wii verison so i cant help much.

    maybe check ign wii for walkthrough or gamespot (sometimes there free)

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