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developemental stages...?

My son is just over 7months, still not sitting on his own, but is getting there, never rolls over, just to his he is slow on those skills..however, he is very smart and's the little things that we notice..he has a strong attention to detail at such a young age..and at just over 6 months he had already been doing high-five with us, and now he does it with both hands...

So I guess my question is...has your baby excelled in some skills and been slow in others?

Isn't that a young age to be doing high-five? And it's not a coincidence, he really does do it when you hold up either hand and say the's really cute

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    my baby started to talk and use sentences (seriously) by 12 months, however he didn't start to walk until 14 months.

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    Yeah I think it sounds pretty normal...what is normal anyway? He seems to be doing the high five thing pretty young. My little one is ten months and she is just now catching on. She was crawling at six and a half months and creeping around. But, it took her awhile before she could clap and wave. She probably just got that down last month. It totally depends on the baby. Some babies excel physically and others cognitively. He will catch on in time. Everything seems to happen so fast and all at the same time. He will probably start sitting and crawling all in the same week.

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    My 4 month old son is the same way. He is very slow with physical skills, but very good at the whole verbal and coordination.

    He was VERY late at holding his head up and still does not roll over. But he was early with laughing out loud, bringing his hands together, finding his feet, and for about 2 weeks now he will stick out his tongue at me if I stick mine out at him first.

    I tend to get worried sometimes but then I remember every baby is different. He'll do these things when HE'S ready.

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    Babies either do the verbal development or motor development, but hardly ever at the same time. Sounds like your son is more into the verbal at this age.

    Make sure he has enough tummy time to roll over, and just work with him on strengthening his arms, etc. He'll get there.

    Source(s): mom to 3 kiddos 4, 7 and 10
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    My 6 month old son just started to roll to his side. But he can stand up just holding onto my fingers(with one hand) His balance is great but he can't sit up alone yet...probably because he prefers to stand. I haven't noticed him trying to 'talk' much other then his moans...mmmmmmm's and aaahhh's...but he laughs loads! Always laughing at our dog or cat, or when we tickle him.

    I find myself sometimes wishing he would sit up or roll over just so I know he is 'normal' for his age. but then he laughs at me when I make a silly monkey sound and I realize...he's just about perfect.

    Don't worry, all babies get to their milestones...some sooner, some a little later!

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    Your baby sound perfectly normal. :)

    My son talked before he could walk, and he walked before he could crawl normally. He still cannot skip, at 7 years old, but can take a skateboard on a ramp like a pro! He's very advanced for his age at reading, but has trouble with basic math. He's a normal kiddo!

  • My daughter excelled in the physical but at 9 months is really only just starting to babble.

    It is normal...even as adults we all have different strengths and weaknesses

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