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First time jitters or have your instincts been right?

Just a curiosity really. Im a first time mom of a 16 month old & while the internet is a blessing it also tends to feed into my hypochondriac ways LOL.

So anyway Im just wondering how many people have thught something was wrong with theire child & it turned out they were just overly anxuios first time parents =)

hope this question makes sense LOL


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    Oh my god, I have the same question! For a while now, I have been so worried about my daughter because of all the info out there on milestones, illnesses, etc. My daughter has been slow to reach milestones, most of which was due to bad reflux that kept her off her tummy and in our terrified home cocoon for the first three months of her life. She's 15 months now, a little bit slower than most kids, but within normal range. It has taken me this long to calm down and not think she was autistic or something (believe me, since having had her missed reflux diagnosis I have diagnosed her with so many problems she just does not remotely have that I just have to laugh about it). I think there is a fine line between instinct and information fed fear. It's hard to tell the difference in your body: between what you feel is going on and what you simply fear is going on, you know?

    What we did to calm our fears was to get opinions of profesionals we trust and friends and try to look at it rationally. If evaluation or testing is non-invasive (check up at the doctors office, phone consult, etc.) then why not do it. We eventually had to insist on a specialist who helped us with our girl's reflux, so instict is still king, but it helps to know where the fine line is. If you aren't hurting your kids, then get opinions galore. I had a hard time seeing my girl for who she is - a calm baby who does things in her own time; loving and sweet and defineitly not a mini-version of her ambition crazy momma.

    I know it's not the answer you were looking for, but I thought I should share that.

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    Actually when my son was a baby, he is four now, I knew something was wrong with him. So I would take him back and forth to the doctors a lot and the ER. He had colic and acid reflux but the doctors said he was completely fine. He had to suffer for the first 6 months of his life. I found this out because I had my daughter a year ago and she had the same thing. I took her to a new doctor and they diagnosed her right away. With the medicine they gave me it took the acid reflux away and the new formula helped her colic. As far as just anxiety and constantly worrying all the time. I am not a new mom, and I have three years experience in child day care. But I am constantly worrying about their health and all and sometimes take them in when I don't need to. It is normal.

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    It's totally normal.

    Not only are websites out there scaring us half to death, but other moms are out there bragging about their literate 1 year olds who are on a preschool waiting list and baking cookies by 1 and a half.

    All kids are different. If you really feel that something is wrong medically, then talk to your doctor. But if your child is playful, loving and tends to annoy you on a daily basis ... then more then likely everything is fine.

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