how many of you still live with your parents?

and how old are you,be honest.

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    All these 13 yr olds online in the middle of the day? wow.

    OK I am 30, so of course I do not live w/ my parents. I got married and moved out at age 16. Not recommended. It is HARD If you are not in an abusive home, and your parents help you out, you should stay til you get an education and a job. Of course being 30 and still living w/ parents may be a little pathetic if you have never asserted independence. Now moving back with parents during hard times is different, as long as it is temporary. As for myself, I've had my independence too long. I would be MISERABLE going back

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    I Dont Know Why You Are Asking This Question

    I Am 20, My Bro 24

    And My Friend 35, 30,21,23, 14, 18..........

    And My Neibours Are 40,21,28,30...........

    All Of Are Leaving With Parents........

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    I am 37. living with parent. It is our responsibility to look after our parents. As they have struggled for our growth. The same repeats when we are old. So we have to be model for our children. That is indian culture.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not old enough to move out, so, yes I live with my parents. I think that most people my age live with their parents.

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    I am 23 and I live with my parents. I left for a bit then came back...saves a lot of money and it helps them having me around to help out with daily household duties.

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    Over 50, and I don't live with my parents any more.

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    1 decade ago

    Left after high school, 18

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    I left my parents house when I was 18.

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    im 20, still live with my parents. I am moving to college next year, but i dont want to leave. what can i say? i got it good at home. no appartment to pay for, free food, and good parents.

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