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Just bought a car and the odometer broke?

it was a private party deal, bill of sales and title of have been signed. Could i cancel the Cashier Check?

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    Private party sales are AS IS meaning no warranty and you cant return it either. All you can do is fix it. If you stop payment on the check he can call the police and charge you with theft by deception. That's the chance you take buying a used car as they all need some

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    As I told you yesterday, no. You bought a used car with a broken odometer. If you cancelled the check, you could be charged with fraud or theft by conversion. Just get it fixed. The seller is under no obligation to cover or even help with the repair. This is the risk you take when you buy a used vehicle.

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    Do you mean it broke AFTER you bought it, or it was broken when you checked after the sale?

    In either case it's "caveat emptor" (buyer beware) it's in your own interest to examine goods you are going to buy to ensure they are in good order, if you just didn't notice this, too bad.

    If it broke after you collected it that's just fair wear and tear.

    Does something lead you to think that the odometer might have been deliberately broken (or disconnected?) ? If you were suspicious you really should have got a mechanic's (AAA) report beforehand.

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    A car deal between private parties is an "as is" deal unless stated in a written contract.

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    I assume it was a used car. If you canceled the check, then the person could sue you. Besides, the check might already be cashed, and then its too late.

    Why not talk to the guy that sold it to you and ask him to replace it. He might do it. If not, just get it fixed. It can't be that much to replace it.

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    NO, cashier's checks are not cancellable...same as cash!

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