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Anyone think Jerry Cantrell can make a good Alice in Chains album without Layne Stanley?

I've been an Alice in Chains fan since the beginning. But since Layne is dead and VH1 saying that the band is hooking up with Jerry Cantrell and some other guy on vocals. Jerry actually does most singing in their songs but do you think it would sound good? Unlike Guns and Roses new album which makes me sick. Thanks


okay thanks but do you think they sound better without him? I feel now really far behind in music since i have been working in the south ( back woods Arkansas) were they dont listen to that because its what "northerners" listen to. ha ha oh well i say piss off because im from Ellensburg (100 miles away from seattle )

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    jerry cantrell has been singing since layne stanley has been dead so what does that tell you in yes to your question they have made a lot of albums since layne stanley has been dead Odin~~~>

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