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Can people see through to the real issue connecting climate change to humanity?

Isn't the issue we must address; the way we treat our planet?

Humanity and capitalism have made a tremendous impact on the planet. Do we need to find a new culture? One that values money less and actual human interaction more?


Randall E ... true, but do you know the person that makes you bread? Car? House? etc... money has an imbued trait of impersonality.

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Baccheus, I disagree. Capitalism puts profit above all else and thus is destructive not only to the natural environment, but the social environment as well.

Furthermore, free markets promote inequality amongst the people

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BeachBum818, US Cattle are raised to be slaughtered.... are you connecting the pieces now? There are so many cows because of humans!

Furthermore, humans have a greater impact on the planet than any other species.

Natural cycles or not, we have a great impact on the planet... i read about it all the time in scientific journals. Fish that can't breed in the St. Lawrence river because of elevated hormone levels in the water... due to women using birthcontrol!!! what I'm saying is... we impact the planet in thousands of ways... you came up with one "volcano". Surely you see this imbalance in percerption.

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jim z, really??? the US is not polluted??? What underground bunker do you live in?

right alarmists right next to and protectionists... what's the next "ist" on the list. I am an opinionist.

Update 5:

jim m, pollution and money go hand in hand. I do not need to explain this simple concept any further than, "resources" taken, money made. waste returned. <-- try to prove that one wrong

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    The light shines brighter on this every day doesn't it?! Let's hope good can overcome evil.

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    Did you know that a single Volcano eruption puts out 50 years worth of green house gases of all the industrialized nations put together. I`m not saying industrialization does not contribute but there are other MAJOR natural contributors. US Cattle release three times as much methane than oil and natural gas plants in the US. a 9 or 10 year study on the cattle was just completed.

    The earth's climate is cyclical hence El Nino and La Nina. We are just reaching a part of the cycle that hasn't been reached by modern society or even in recorded history.

    Ha I did not make up the Volcano fact, its just that a fact. And I did not say that humans do not have an impact I said its so minute when compared to the natural factors. What scientific journals/magazines did you read this in? Which ones did you take your "facts" from? I can bet they are not scientific at all. Birth control hormones in the River? They must be producing the pills in the actual river to have that much of an affect on a river-a continuous moving body of water to have such high levels. I would believe it in a lake or pond but the river? Please, can you cite your sources? Here are 2 links from respected Universities and one government site.

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    It is easy for (some) people in the western developed world to say, "gee, we don't need all this", but we are not willing to do without cars and industry, while people in highly populated undeveloped nations are wanting to grow a portion of what we have. The reality is that developing nations will not stop developing (why should they?) and western nations will decrease the growth in energy use if enlightened but will not give away the wealth we know enjoy. The free market is with us, and profit motive will continue to motivate the world. The way to make things better is to incorporate damage into the cost-side of profit-oriented business decisions and let the free market then fund technologies that make the world better for everyone. Cap-and-trade systems are designed to do that. Capitalism does not need to be anti-planet; it only has been because the cost to the environment is not paid by those who decide to do damage.

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    Pollution was around before money was and the two have nothing in common. Fixing the environmental problems will generate more wealth than anything that has been invented to replace money even though everyone thinks fixing the problem will break the bank.

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    Where is the worst polution? In third world, socialists, and totalitarian states with some minor exceptions. Where is the least? In western countries such as Europe and the US.

    Free markets don't promote inequality. They promote trade and prosperity. Closed markets and socialism promotes poverty and loss of freedom. There is a consequence to ignorance displayed by you and others like you. You need to be practical and stop thinking in bumper stickers. You and your kind will impoverish the earth in your naive attempt to equalize things IMO.

    In my opinion, it is the hatred of captilism that lubricates AGW so your opinion is common among alarmists.

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    But human interaction is what the market is all about.

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