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Which pie has more fat and calories??

Pumpkin pie or Pecan Pie, both homemade... both will have homemade crust too.

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    Pecan Pie usually has more calories than any other pie. Ingredients--Molasses Brown Sugar Pecans Butter and the Crust (which is usually about1200 calories for just that).

    But if you are making them home made check the labels on all the ingredients you use---they have the calories :)

    I am guessing this is for Thanksgiving and if you need a few tips here is a great article :)

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    Pecan pie will have FAR more fat and calories. If you're concerned about calories, choose pumpkin pie, since some pecan pies are made with two sticks of butter and six eggs. That will really pack on the extra unneeded calories.

  • Ghost
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    pecan by about 250 calories a slice.

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    They are both bad, both sugary and both fatty. I would forgo the pie and stick to some frozen yogurt or something like that instead.

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  • Stu
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    most definitely pecan!

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