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Do they give student loans to international students with a U.S co-signer?

My sister is planning on coming to the United States for College. I am a legal resident and have student loans myself but beside that I have a good credit. Are there loans available for international students, especially if I can co-sign the loan for her?

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    Unfortunately, most companies will only accept international students if they have either a permanent residency card or a green card (I-551 or I-151). Even when their cosigner is a US citizen, the borrower must be considered a citizen or an eligible non-citizen. I would suggest going to google and looking up "Parent Plus Loans". You MAY be able to get a loan without even being ON the loan. It would totally be in another adult's name. Also, call your financial aid office to see how they normally handle this situation. I'm sure it's not the first time!

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