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What running clothes should I wear in cold weather?

I'm running a half marathon next month in December here in Texas. Typically, the weather then is anywhere from 40 - 50 degrees.

What type of running clothing should I have for a winter half marathon? I tend to warm up after about 15 minutes running, so don't want too much clothing. Any advice?

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    A long sleeve under armour cold gear shirt. I would wear compression shorts to prevent chafing. If it is really cold, you could wear a jacket and if you get too warm just throw it off to the side lines, just make sure its a jacket you never want to see again.

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    If it is in the 40's wear a long sleeved under armour typed shirt and some light tights or no tights. Lower 40's something to cover your ears and some cheap gloves to start that you can throw away when you don't need them anymore. You will warm up after a couple miles. If it is in the 50's and not windy or anything I would recommend wearing what you would wear if it is 70 degrees out.

    It is mostly all about how you feel. I would try wearing different things during your training runs in cold weather- see how your body reacts.

    Source(s): 12 years running. 1/2 marathon training.
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    1. For your legs, I suggest under armour pants or spandex.

    2. For your upper body, you can wear a short sleeved shirt with a sweatshirt over. Or, you can wear under armour shirt with a shirt over it. Finally, you can just wear a long sleeved shirt.

    3. I strongly recommend wearing gloves. I am not a big fan of hats, but headbands are the way to go.

    I hope all of these help.

    ~Always run in layers, so you can take off clothes or put them back on while running, instead of suffering your whole run.~

    Source(s): my personal running career in the making
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    I think 40's and 50's is too warm to layer up but I'm from Chicago.I sometimes use a throw away layer,keep it on until you warm up then throw it to the side of the road. They usually sell these shells at the expos.Or you can just use a garbage bag.Using a hat and gloves keeps you really warm even if you don't layer up.

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    A really good piece of equipment are arm warmers. I got mine at a bike shop but they work just as well for running. I like them because they are super warm, but can slip off middrace and stash them in your waistband if you get too hot. They cost about $20. I usually wear a short sleave compression shirt to keep me dry, arm warmers, and a short-sleeve technical shirt over. I also have 2 sets of running gloves, 1 for cold weather and 1 for not quite as cold and I wear 1 of them, depending on how cold it is. I don't like running tights and I only wear them if it's below about 30 degrees or really windy. so on the bottom, I would just go with shorts.

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    I wear shorts as long as it is over 40 degrees, unless there is a lot of wind. I would probably wear two shirts, though. Running singlet with long sleeves over top. I wear the wicking fabric because cotton gets wet and then I get really, really cold. Also, I might wear a hat and gloves, if it closer to 40 because my ears and hands get cold.

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    When its's 40-50F degrees outside, a light layer should be enough. Keep in mind that some fabrics are awful for running, specially cotton. It gets soggy and sticks to your skin. Instead wear fabrics that repel water. For example, polypropylene or Dri-Fit.

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    Under armour cold gear legs and shirt, if its not that cold wear arm warmers(they are just sleeves and no shirt). Maybe some longer socks would help you, but only if you train in them.

    But most importantly WEAR GLOVES!! my hands froze like no other my last half marathon.

    An for hats it is your decision. Realize that if it covers your entire hear you might overheat, so you might want a headband that only covers your ears.

    Good luck :)

    Source(s): An XC runner who runs in the snow and whose hands froze last 1/2 marathon
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    when i go running in the cold i always wear a long sleeved top as your arms don't always warm up as much... i then wear leggings to the knee but i sometimes wear shorts... i think on you legs what ever you are more comfortable wearing... i wouldn't recommend running in a hat or anything keep one on your head before the start and then just hake it off when you start... you head can get really hot!

    Good Luck

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    i hit upon that donning gloves and a hat that covers my ears enables lots. additionally donning long tights and a thermal shirt and doubtless i mild wind-breaker jacket whether that's somewhat windy or wet.

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