When will a "solid state" hard drives be affordable?

When will "solid state" (no moving devices, like a disk) hard drive be affordable?

Like say 250-500GB solid state drives.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, we are getting there.

    RAMs, greater than 64 Kb was something to celebrate in those days. Remember? And Bill Gates said computers do not need more than 64 Kb to run. Remember. Well, here we are: 16 GB on a thumb drive or on a SD card. How far have we come.? Quite far, in a span of say 10 years would you say.

    So, it is a matter of time. If RAMs can be made to run with this much capacity, solid state drives are not too far. It is coming, real soon.

    Just hang in there.

    I used to dance in the streets when there were hard drives. Then, I was ecstatic when the hdd capacity of 10 Megabytes. I said Megabytes not Gigabytes. Those were the days....!!!

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    That could be a 'flying car question' they are affordable to the hyper-rich now but will never be so for us mortals.

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    1 decade ago

    Looking at the prices now, I'd say RSN (Real Soon Now).

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