I fell down 4 icy steps is my baby oka?

I was walking out of my house and coming down the steps, i got to the second one and fell down the rest of the 4 that were there.. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant, i have no spotting as of yet, but i do have horrible pain in my back due to the fact I fell down those steps on my back..

Is my baby still okay? did i hurt or shake him or her by doing this?

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    You should be OK if you are not cramping up or bleeding. But to make sure you can make an appt for the doctor and they can do an ultrasound to check the heartbeat.

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    I was 24 wks pregnant and I fell down an icy patch of stairs coming out of my job and landed on my stomach. I was so worried about my baby, I didn't move and called the ambulance. I was hysterical and just yelling at the doctors to tell me my baby was ok! I have to tell you that the doctors gave me great information. I was told that the baby is very well protected. Your womb, belly fat amniotic fluid keep the baby covered on all sides. And the fact that you are only 12 weeks is a great thing because you baby isn't that big as of yet. I would still go and get checked out by a doctor because you may not have hurt your baby but you may have shifted your placenta or hurt yourself. This is just a precautionary measure. I hope all goes well with you and your new blessing to come!

  • P
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    1 decade ago

    I agree with everyone else, your baby should be fine. At this point, they are still very well protected inside your pelvic cavity and surrounded and cushioned by lots of fluids and fat. you could still call the doctor to ease your mind. If you experience any bleeding or cramps call the doctor right away. Other then that, take it easy, and be careful. And to your partner or other people in the house, be sure to ask them to SALT SALT SALT everyday it may be slick. I went through the whole winter big as a house, I had my baby in Feb. and I was always reminding my husband to go salt before he left in the morning. I had a few close calls, where I almost slipped on our steps while being 7 months pregnant, scared me to death but reminded me to be extra careful.

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    At 12 weeks along there should be plenty of fat tissue around the baby however, watch for bleeding, spotting, cramps. If you have any of those contact your doctor right away. Or if you are still unsure give your doctor a call.

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  • Joe
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    1 decade ago

    your baby should be fine...you didn't take a direct punch or kick to your uterus, and 4 steps isn't the end of the world. If you were farther along i would be slightly worried but given taht you have no spotting ect you should be fine (outside of your actual pain)

    In regard to the baby being shaken...you are 12 weeks, the babie's brain hasn't even formed yet.

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    I would go to the emergancy room in your maternity hospital in case there is anything wrong and that will put your mind at ease good luck I mc @ 12 weeks and get real jelous when I see and year pregnant women

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    I slipped on some ice when I was about...33 weeks pregnant. And our baby boy was born healthy as any other. Your baby will be okay...the uterus is a very thick muscle...and can take alot more than people give it credit for.

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    Most likely, your baby is fine. Your belly acts as a giant shock-absorber while you're pregnant to protect the baby. Still go see your dr though just to be sure.

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    I recommend chiropractic care for you because it is a natural way to help make your pregnancy more comfortable and it sounds like you could use an adjustment. Chiropractic does no harm. It is a natural and healthy way to keep the body in good form for your delivery.

  • LGM
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    If you fell on you back, baby should be fine. They are well protected inside you. Falling on your stomach would be dangerous.

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