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Secondary School Is SO Unfair. AND IT'S COLD!?

Hi, I'm in secondary school in year 9 and I hate school so much! The lessons are fine, I don't get bullied and I'm in the "popular" group thing. But it's just so cold and everything is so unfair, for example in p.e. at the moment we're doing hockey. NO ONE in my group likes hockey, and and whats to say anyone wants or has any interest in it, so why are we even doing it? It's just so unfair, we do it every year and we've never once actually been taught the rules of hockey; just how to bloody dribble the ball. Another example - the teachers have completely different rules. I got two afterschool detentions for saying 'piss' very quietly, and this guy said ****!! ****!! intentionally loudly the other day, and the teacher laughed!

The ****?

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    Poor old you. Life's hard, isn't it? And please don't expect life to be fair: it isn't.

    Sadly, it will get harder (and stay unfair). Despite what we all think when we are at school, life after school is not easier at all.

    You are being taught hockey because that's what your teachers have been told (by the government) that they have to teach you. UK schools have to follow the National Curriculum (and all the other rules and regulations).It's like being at work anywhere: you basically have to do as you're told. The difference in real life (as opposed to school) is that you get sacked if you don't.

    You could try courteously asking your P.E. teacher if you could be properly taught the rules of hockey.You'll have to be courteous though, and pick your moment: no use trying it if the teacher is already stressed-out.

    Every school is better if teachers follow the same rules and apply the same punishments: I agree. Your school should have a school council and class councillors. Perhaps you should bring up the variation between teachers' discipline in your class council/form time and ask your school to bring in a school-wide set of rules and consequences?

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