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perfect gravy sauce recipe?

for mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc.

not too thick...preferably dark with no mushrooms

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    When I roast my turkey, I sprinkle (liberally) soy sauce on the bird after buttering the outside. I place about a cup of water in the bottom of the pan also. When roasting, the drippings & the soy sauce create a brown YUMMMMY gravy -it does NOT taste like chinese food or anything like you'd expect it to. I dont' have to add anything to brown it afterwards, either. You then use the drippings to make gravy as you normally would - any basic recipe website can give you those directions. Good luck & Happy Thanksgiving!!

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    This will make quart of any type of gravy basic

    Serves 10 to 12 people

    3 ounces of flour

    3 ounces of fat which can be fat from roasted items butter, oil, margarine etc.

    1 quart of hot stock plus drippings from roasted or cooked item, fat removed saved, turkey, chicken, beef milk or cream etc.

    salt pepper to taste


    In a heavy skillet or 2 quart saucepan

    The Roux:

    Heat fat and slowly add flour till all the flour is in corporate keep cooking medium heat and stirring until it becomes very bubbly now for turkey gravy or beef gravy the roux needs to be cooked and colored as you cook and whisking the roux it will starts smelling like roasted hazelnuts lightly turns brown turn heat off and start adding ladling hot stock into the roux whisking quickly to keep from lumping after a couple of ladle fulls turn heat back up to medium high and you'll see it start to thinken keep adding stock to your gravy simmering slowly keep whisking till all the stock is in. Turn the heat down to simmer Simmer for a few minutes add salt and pepper to taste giblets if you like turkey gravy if it needs to be a little thicker add 1 teaspoon cornstarch to 1 teaspoon of water slowly add to gravy simmering and whisking. Cooking the flour in the roux is important to keep from having a pasty flour taste. I made sauces and gravies this way from a quart to gallons.

    Where Is Flavored to Be Found

    Flavor is to be found in the bottom of your roasting pan remove (fat save for roux ) the deglaze fond with some hot stock and strain.

    Add flavor is found is in your stock if you're making chicken stock use your parsley ends in the peelings of carrot celery and onion Trimmings simmer these items with neck, giblets simmer slowly will stay clear. Then strain.

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