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Do you rock your baby to sleep or just put him down to fall asleep on his own?

My baby is 4 months and I still rock him to sleep for his naps and for bedtime. I also did this with my older son until he was about 10 months old or so, lol. I dont mind doing this, in fact I like rocking him and snuggling with him but my mother in law thinks I should just lay him down and let him cry and learn to fall asleep on his own. I was just wondering if any other mommies still rock their little ones to sleep and if you dont anymore, when did you stop? Thank you!

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    I rock her or pat her butt to sleep. Most of the time I nurse her to sleep and she is 6 months old. I will NEVER let her cry it out. They will have plenty of opportunity to "cry it out "when they are grown. They are too little now and need all the love and comfort you can give them

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    it depends on the child. We let our kids cry a little because it was the only way to get them to go to sleep. Rocking and standing there patting them did nothing because as long as they saw us they would not go to sleep. They would just get more and more tired and fight sleep and get crankier and crankier. We started leaving them for a few minutes and 99% of the time they would fall asleep in under 5 minutes. If it took longer we would go in and soothe them a bit and then leave the room again. We didn't start doing it until they were about 8 months old, IMO 4 months is still young for any kind of sleep training.

  • My son is 7 months old and I usually still rock him to sleep.

    Or at least, he falls asleep on either me or my hubby.

    He won't fall asleep on his own yet, although I am trying to get him to do that. I just hate hearing him cry so I'm still rocking.

    I say as long as it puts your baby to sleep, rock him.

    Especailly at 4 months!

    Do whatever you want to put him to sleep or anything else... it's YOUR baby!

    Also, you could try a little musical thing by his crib. My son LOVES music at night.

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    I have a 7-1/2 month old son and I tried letting him fall asleep on his own and he finally did after crying for awhile... but I have now found that he is having sleep issues and when I rock him to sleep he tends to sleep better. I would say to try and rock her a little longer and try to let her fall asleep on her own when you think she is ready.

    Source(s): Mommy of one 7-1/2 month old.
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    I rocked my oldest son to sleep until he was 2 1/2!!

    My youngest son sleeps with, no rocking needed. He will be 3 in February. I will tell you from experience....I have the happiest babies on the block!! No issues!!

    You do what you want and don't let others influence what you feel you should do. They grow up way too fast, cherish each moment because it's gone in a flash!!!

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    I rocked my son to sleep as long as I could. He got to a point where I could rock him FOREVER and he would never go to sleep, so that's when I started just putting him in bed. And most of the time he wouldn't even cry - he's just go to sleep on his own. He was probably about 6 months old.

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    I never did rock much. I have always layed down with my daughter to get her to sleep. We don't believe in crying it out. She is 19 months now and we still lie down with her for naps and bedtime in our bed, then move her when she is asleep.

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    Our son is 7 and a half months old and this month we rocked him to sleep. Then we started laying him down in his crib and would pat his belly to let him know we were still there. Finally, this past weekend, we have started to put him down and he's fallen asleep on his own.

    We have never let him cry while going to bed. If he did we'd go in, pick him up, and settle him again. You do what you think is best for your children.

  • Hi

    My son won't sleep unless laid down already asleep (apart from one very odd day this week where he chatted himself off to sleep!)

    We put him down and lay hands on him gently rocking him for a minute or so until he is settled in his crib.

    He's also 4 months, I don't mind this right now, but I would hope not to be doing it forever! lol

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    My son is just over 2 months old. For the most part he falls asleep to me rocking him in his glider. However, he will go to sleep in his crib awake sometimes. It all depends on his mood. When he is calm and relaxed and tired I put him in his crib with his mobile or his soother on and he watches it until he passes out. Sometimes he falls asleep in his swing or in his vibrating seat. I just transfer him but I make sure to hold him for a few because he wakes up a little bit when I transfer him.

    It would be good (for you as he gets older) to have him be able to go to sleep on his own. But it's okay if it takes him a while. I would try seeing if he will sleep without you holding him (i.e. in the swing or bouncer) and transfer him. Sometimes when I put my son in his crib he wakes up a few minutes later and fusses and whines a little bit. I just stay in the room for like 2 minutes to see if he stop and he usually does. If he doesn't then I pick him up and try to help him get to sleep.

    I hope this helps. :)

    Source(s): Going through it with my 2 month old baby boy.
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