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Today I had a ultrasound at 25 weeks pregnant.?

The Ultrasound tech seemed so rough, he was pressing so hard on my stomach, using the instrument to try and reposition the baby. When he was trying to get the skull shots they needed he was pressing by my pelvic area so hard I was worried could he have hurt the baby's head? I've just never had an ultrasound where they pressed so hard it alarmed me! Has any else ever had this experience and did everything turn out okay? I'm just worried and I know I will continue to worry about this I'm sure.

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    Your baby was probably being difficult to scan and he had to apply more pressure than usual. It can't hurt your baby. Calm down.

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    That is normal and nothing to be worried about. At my 20 week ultrasound the ultrasound tech pressed so hard she bruised me. But the ultrasound tech wont hurt the baby by pressing hard.

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    I felt like that once I used to be pregnant. I even had a rough time relocating and lifting my correct leg. I ultimately acquired so unhealthy with anguish that I went into the ER and I ended up having an UTI that's ordinary with being pregnant. Mine had unfold into my kidney, lungs and middle becuase I had went see you later. I might recommend that you simply pass to the surgeon or ER. This could be a very horrifying and critical factor in case you have what I had. I used to be within the clinic for close to 2 weeks and there have been occasions that I acquired quite unhealthy and had alot of disorders. You have to get looked at considering the fact that they are able to placed you on med's that allows you to remedy it and will not hurt the little one.

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    Oh girl they are so rough!!!!

    It literally hurts when I get my sonos.

    But I've never heard of them trying to move the baby with the instrument.

    Maybe tell your doctor about it.

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    The baby is well protected in the uterus, so I wouldn't worry. You could have told the tech it was uncomfortable. Never be afraid to speak up.

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    They did mine last week and Yes They pushed hard the lady (technician) kept apologizing so they must have to it was weird though.. Best of luck to you did you find out what your having?? :)

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    no tat isnt right I love our lady that does ours she acts like an old friend :) i would call your clinic and voice a compaint

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    You should have said something. It's your body... you should have informed him he was hurting you.

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