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x box 360 points and live??????????????

i am gonna be new to live and x box, always been a ps person. im gonna get a 360 pro, right after christmas. what are these points, and what kind of stuff can you do with them?? ALSO what will i need to set up a live account and play? WILL I NEED TO BUY ANYTHING EXTRA THAT doesnt come in the pro box?? It says it comes woith a silver membership...

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    You have to get the Gold membership to be able to play multiplayer matchmade games... the points are the currency of the Xbox... they can buy picture packs, new maps for games, arcade games like uno and poker, you can even rent movies with the points...

    The gold membership will run you about $50 a year... but it is WELL WORTH IT

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    a xbox360 arcade dose no longer contain a problematic stress the position because the xbox 360 professional dose contain a problematic stress yet you could consistently nevertheless purchase a problematic stress and plug it in to yur xbox 360 arcade, the problematic dirve can help to procure issues and play unique XBOX video games (no longer xbox 360 video games)were as and not using a problematic stress u won't be able to do those issues, the 360 professional will also contain a xbox stay headset and a ethernet cable and the HD wires RBG were because the arcade version received't contain those issues yet those can be baught, and both one among them contain a million on the spot controller. plus any of the more recent fashions of the xbox360 at the same time with the arcade will contain a HDMI slot, you could then purchase a hdmi carry about plug into yur xbox and play your video games in finished HD for this to artwork you of direction choose a HDMI slot contained in the back of yur television. nicely thats virtually it i'm hoping u are happy with what i informed u and satisfied gaming

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    Microsoft points are what you use to buy stuff off the Xbox Live Martketplace. You can buy movies, games, and ect.

    You may need to buy a router if you can't plug your ethernet cable directly to your modem. If you want to play online (Silver you can only talk to people and buy stuff online) you will have to buy a Gold Membership which is $50.00 for a year, and $20.00 for three months. You can either buy a card from EBgames or anywhere really or you can use a credit card directly through Microsoft.

    Hope I helped.

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