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i need to find a dog a more suitable home, but i have become smitten with him! What to do?

my landlord approved me to keep a large dog in my small apartment.

originally, i was just going to keep him until we found his owner or either found him another home with a yard and more room to run. of course i will give him back to his owner should they respond to the local radio announcement.

but i will cry for days and days if he goes!

however, we are encountering some problems that would have made it easier for me to keep him if they had not occured;

when i take him out, i will let him lose and he comes right back. letting him lose to get exercise was working well .............until he spotted a lap dog at a house nearby and, well, it coulda been ugly. luckily i got him back on the leash in time.

also i was taking him to friends and family's houses with me to get him out more. however, i discovered that he had been puking in the back seat. he's not a rider.

lastly, he will get bigger, and he walks me instead of vice versa as it is. i won't be able to to put him on a leash at all in a couple more months.

i will do whatever i can for him as long as i have him.

does it sound like i should express my fondness of him by finding him a more suitable place for a big dog, or could my love for him be enough?


he is so strong, i have tripped and fell when he has all of a sudden taken off at full speed.

if he gets any bigger and stronger (which he will), i may not be able to handle him.

Update 2:

someone has trained him well already. other than the desire to run like crazy on a leash, he does SO well!

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    Are you willing and can you afford dog training? With big breeds like this, you will need to get the dog trained! Sounds like you aren't quite sure how to do this on your own, so you would really benefit from having professional help. If you can't do it, then I would find another home. A large, untrained dog can lead to all sorts of problems.

    Are you committed to walking your dog everyday to give him the exersize he needs?

    Can you afford to care for this dog? That means not only regular vet care and vaccines, but also money in the event of an emergency.

    Unfortunately, sometimes just loving a dog is not enough. Don't be selfish about it, do what you know is going to be best for the dog.

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    your love for him won't be enough, but that coupled with proper training will. you could easily keep him with some obedience training. don't let him off leash unless you are in a fenced area like a dog park. teach him how to walk nicely on a leash. our dog gets car sick, too. don't feed him for about 2 hours before you hop in the car and that should help, and keep the trips short distances.

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    Yes. I, too, maintain a grudge towards terriers. And labs. My fiancée's dad and mom had slightly Jack Russell/ rat terrier combine. She snuggled with me at the same time I used to be unwell at the same time we have been dwelling there and it used to be love. I'm nonetheless now not keen on labs. Especially after the incident on the puppy park I had prior this week. A lab is what bit aspect of my face off and prompted me to get plastic surgical procedure. There are a few that I surely adore and I'm now not petrified of the breed whatsoever. I simply see such a lot of poorly bred labs now a days for the reason that they are so widespread.

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    You'll have to what is best for the dog.And if that means having to let him go then unfortunately that's what you'll have to do. If you have to give him away you could always ask to come and visit him because you're so fond of him.

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    too big for a leash?? geez,, they put leads on horses..

    you really should go to obedience class... and you really need to educate yourself about owning a dog..

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