what did I ever do to this guy to deserve all this?

I know a guy for two months and we were always good friends and nothing else and he told me all he wants to be my good friend a month ago , n hes not ready for a relationship .... i always liked him but my feelings were hidden.... anyways i was always nice to him n was a good friend to him but recently he started ignoring me for no reason like when i text him no reply, i im him he's so rude to me and he was never like this to me he used to ans me right back, n we used to chill ... yesterday some random girl emailed me and told me not to talk to him anymore as we are talking n told me to stay away from him...... I was upset to hear this n were only friends... if he was a man enough wouldn't he tell me he doesn't wanna talk to me anymore? I EVEN ASKED HIM WHO THE HELL SHE WAS N HE DIDN'T EVEN ANSWER ME,one thing in life I've noticed ppl who r too nice get screwed over always!can you guys me tell me wats going on n plzz tell me how to get over this plzz i need help seriously i feel like crying

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    Don't waste your time on this person. You are obviously too good for him. Break off all links, don't make any attempt to communicate with him and keep your mind busy and focused on something else. After a while, the sadness will go away and there will be someone else much more worthy of your time to dedicate your time to.

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    Not to sound general, but he sounds like a typical guy. First of all, its ok to be upset about it, your feelings are valid. Second of all, the minute this guy caught wind of your attraction to him, he started to drift from you because he didn't feel the same way. He probably enjoyed the fun you had as friends, but for whatever reason didn't have the same feelings you did. Guys do this, matter of fact most of the time I think girls and guys make horrible friends, because eventually a chemistry develops with one person and not the other. I'm not saying this happens with every person in the world, but it is definitely not uncommon. As far as him having someone email you, he is basically hiding behind someone else because he can't come right out and tell you. I hope that you can move on (without him) and enjoy the wonderful days of your life.

  • greg t
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    1 decade ago

    His new gf is the jealous type who cannot understand that a guy and a girl can just be friends. It appears she is the dominating type who tells her guy what to do and he follows it. He probably misses your friendship too but felt that he had to make a choice. Either that, or you didn't "hide your feelings" as well as you though, and he told her that you liked her in a different way. Everything will be OK, no need for crying, life will go on, relax.

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    I think its looking like you may have to forget about him. As you say, he wasn't man enough to tell you whats going on. To be honest, I think that he has started dating this girl and that she feels threatened by your friendship with him, so she has told him not to keep in touch with you, and like a big pussy, hes doing what hes told. Obviously hes not worth a damn. You're not wrong about the nice people getting screwed over either. It has always seemed to me that the more you do for people, or the nicer you treat people, it always ends up getting thrown back in your face. Its so tempting to turn into a ***** and set out to hurt people's feelings sometimes.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Girl, no guys can get you down like that!

    You can't let this guy ruin your life - he's not worth it!

    And you're better than him! So it's gonna be hard, but move on! Stay away from him! He'll realize soon or later how great a friend he just lost!


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    its a classic case of a spineless man,his girl doesnt want him talking to ANY other girls probably and hes just gunna go along with it cuz he has no free will and he didnt tell you cuz he doesnt want to have another woman being upset,so instead he ignores you cuz she told him to and so he doesnt actually have to see you upset at him,like the others said,dont waste your time on him

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    well i think wot has happend is that he is with this girl now who called you and maybe you hav txt or called him wen he was around her and she has got pissed of with it so instead of him just saying your his mate he has said your a girl on his case...so dats y she called you 2 tell you to bk off! but at the end of the day 4get him ! he aint worth you even thinking about ....gettin sum chic to call you dats just low ! dont call or txt again or u will look like a bunny boiler..! even tho u thought u was just mates .....move on he dont deserve u x

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