How do i choose what i want to major in? do u like your jobs? what are they?

I love to bake


Arts and Crafts



I like to try new things.

i like gardening.

i basically like ALOT of things.

i like to try alot of things too.

I'm still freshman, but my choice of major depends on whether i move or stay in the country i'm in. I love event planning, i think its the most thing that joins these things together. even thought i may not cook, take pictures, and put flowers together myself, i still think just being surrounded my the making is so fun. I dont want to chose one thing out of those because i get bored after a while. i need to change. so What can i major in thats the best to become an Event Planner? and Do they make alot of money? what other jobs could i do other then event planning thats similar though? im pretty loss. i know the direction i want to go to is art. but im not sure what road ill take.

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    1 decade ago
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    im a financial analyst,

    I majored in math and economics.

    its a boring job behind a desk, i commute 4 hours a day total. and working seems to take up the majority of my day. but its OK, i work in NYC so thats pretty cool.

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